ale drinker

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someone whose favorite drink is beer or ale

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The stereotypical ale drinker might be middle-aged and balding and wear a knitted sweater, but it's never a good idea to pay too much attention to stereotypes.
With an industry award already to its name this product is sure to do well with the real ale drinker.
TOON TIPPLE: A Brown Ale drinker from the 50s and, above, today's modern image
The stereotype of the real ale drinker as ruddy-faced space hopper with a beard and holey pullover has been dismissed (although you still get a furtive few in beige anoraks studiously ticking off each sampled ale in their festival programme).
Additionally, with more and more consumers looking closely at 'food miles' and carbon footprints when making their choice, locally brewed ale, delivered from the regional brewer or served on the premises, has to be a plus for the environmentally friendly ale drinker.
Asam Back is a premium dark beer, which will appeal to the British ale drinker.
He added: "If you look at the profile of a typical Brown Ale drinker in this country, it tends to be slightly older males, largely because of the tradition and history of the drink.
As a brown ale drinker myself I want it to be brewed on Tyneside.
Alastair Gilmour is a member of the British Guild of Beer Writers - and is a committed real ale drinker.
It is aimed at the traditional (male) ale drinker and it will meet with approval once tasted, but I worry about how Jennings will attract these new drinkers.
Discounts are available for group bookings and the event does cater for non-real ale drinkers - although organisers do encourage everyone to try real ale.
It is now up to ale drinkers in these areas to take up these offerings.
We'll look at the Eastern seaboard because there are a lot of ex-pats who are real ale drinkers there, and there's a very strong import market there.
Dr Phil's Real Ale House, in Roman Road, Linthorpe, is another popular local watering hole for real ale drinkers.
We received lots of support locally and our beers have been very well received by real ale drinkers.