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an oily colorless liquid obtained by the condensation of two molecules of acetaldehyde

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Aqueous-phase furfural-acetone aldol condensation over basic mixed oxides.
Synthesis and characterization of 2,4 dihydroxy substituted chalcones using aldol condensation by SO[Cl.
Excess glucose enters the polyol pathway and activates aldol reductase (AR) but because sorbitol dehydrogenase (SDH) activity does not increase similarly, sorbitol accumulates.
anates, sucrose fatty acids, polyethylene waxes, fatty alcohols, sucrose fatty esters, stearyl alcohol, sucrose hardened soy esters having an iodine value of less than 107, natural alcohol still bottoms, wax esters, aldol condensation products with melting points greater than 60 C.
Reactions employed in the synthesis include Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution (NAS), Aldol Condensation, and SN2 Substitution.
Among their topics are cycloaddition reactions, sigmatropic rearrangements and related processes promoted by silver, silver(I)-mediated electrocyclic processes, cycloisomerization reactions catalyzed by silver, silver carbenoids, aldol and related processes, coupling reactions promoted by silver, the supramolecular chemistry of silver, and a critical comparison of the three coinage metals.
Apesteguia, Base catalysis for the synthesis of [alfa], [beta]-unsaturated ketones from the vapor-phase aldol condensation of acetone, Appl.
Simultaneously, glutaraldehyde reacts with itself (aldol synthesis) resulting in aldol resins E.
Asymmetric aldol reactions catalyzed by tryptophan in water.
5) Entre otras aportaciones, Borodin descubrio el aldol, la hidrobenzamida y la amarina.
Khilevich A, Aye M, Flavin MT, Rizzo JD, Lin L, Dzekhtser S, Brankovic D, Zhang H, Chen W, Liao S, Zembower DE, Xu ZQ (1996) Synthesis of (+)-calanolide A, an anti-HIV agent, via enzyme-catalyzed resolution of the aldol products.
0986--Influence Of Luminescent Compound Derivate Of Aldol Condensation In PVC Degradation
It will certainly be considered a drug if the natural phytochemical enrichment with flavonoids is designed to chelate and help eliminate lead from the bodies of school children or inhibit aldol reductase, the cataract- causing enzyme in the eyes of diabetics.