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a member of a municipal legislative body (as a city council)

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The conferring of the title of Honorary Alderman or Honorary Alderwoman is made at an specially called Extraordinary Meeting of the city council and must be passed by at least two thirds of the councillors.
3rd Ward--This newspaper was not alone in predicting the demise of Alderwoman Kathryn J.
Milford Alderwoman Greta Stanford said the school would remain closed Monday.
Smith, Homosexual Rights Debate Looms in Albany: Alderwoman Seeks to Amend Anti-Bias Laws, ALBANY TIMES UNION (Mar.
According to the Washington Post, candidates for Jackson's old seat include his wife, Chicago Alderwoman Sandi Jackson (D), Cook County Chief Administration Officer Robin Kelly (D), state senator Toi Hutchinson (D), and state senator Napoleon Harris (D), who's also a former NFL player.
Mrs Wright, who came to Coventry from a Durham mining community and served on the council for 16 years until 2002, including Lord Mayor for the new Millennium year, rejected the genderised variation of "honorary alderwoman."
And of course on the menu are "oysters all day, any way," says Renee Brooks, alderwoman at large and festival chair, "or choose from all types of cuisine." --Sandra Massey Buckley
Bestowing of the title of "Alderwoman" on Cllr Bailey will be a city first.
One alderwoman suggested that staff develop a grant program and provide incentives for major employers to retain employees or expand their business and to think creatively to address this problem.
She also started in January as a seasonal tax preparer and this summer began working with the city of Moline Acres as an alderwoman. These jobs bring in about $3,000 a month, compared with the $6,000 she was grossing at MetLife.
Disquiet with local Country Party representation was first highlighted when a local alderwoman, Cynthia Wilson, ran as an Independent for Lismore in the 1956 NSW election.
Alderwoman Margaret Standen drew further attention to the uniqueness of the market's operations when she said she "hoped the new market would show a profit." (87) This was hardly a sentiment one would find among city business owners, since profits were not something to be hoped for, but rather essential for economic survival.
(394.) Nia-Malika Henderson, Annapolis Alderwoman Seeks Support for
Chicago's eighth ward alderwoman, Michelle Harris, "took much heat" from gay residents, who accused the police of dragging their feet, notes gay activist Otis Richardson, "but afterward she sat down and spoke with many and was very clear about wanting to be educated on LGBT issues."