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a member of a municipal legislative body (as a city council)

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One alderwoman suggested that staff develop a grant program and provide incentives for major employers to retain employees or expand their business and to think creatively to address this problem.
She also started in January as a seasonal tax preparer and this summer began working with the city of Moline Acres as an alderwoman.
Disquiet with local Country Party representation was first highlighted when a local alderwoman, Cynthia Wilson, ran as an Independent for Lismore in the 1956 NSW election.
Alderwoman Margaret Standen drew further attention to the uniqueness of the market's operations when she said she "hoped the new market would show a profit.
Nia-Malika Henderson, Annapolis Alderwoman Seeks Support for
Chicago's eighth ward alderwoman, Michelle Harris, "took much heat" from gay residents, who accused the police of dragging their feet, notes gay activist Otis Richardson, "but afterward she sat down and spoke with many and was very clear about wanting to be educated on LGBT issues.
Wente's column was sparked by recent media coverage of Dar Heatherington, an Alberta alderwoman who phoned home at the end of her Montana business trip to tell her husband she'd be late getting home and then disappeared for three days.
The one-time student alderwoman helped save Russ Feingold's seat in his last election by turning out massive numbers of new voters on the university campus.
A Chicago alderwoman representing one of the proposed locations labeled Wal-Mart a "Death Star" that would destroy existing local retailers.
The LWLP Team was selected by a review committee comprised of: Downtown Alderwoman Bitsie Clark, Tony Resigno, President Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce, Jorge Lopes, Chairman of the New Haven Redevelopment Authority, Peter Wilkerson, Chairman of the New Haven Development Commission, Rena Leddy, Executive Director of Town Green Special Services District, Maricel Valcarcel, a downtown resident, architect and member of the City Planning Commission.
The ruling has given hope to Russellville Alderwoman Freddie Harris, who has squabbled with Jeff Pipkin, who heads the Arkansas Valley Alliance for Economic Development Inc.
Louis alderwoman who interrupted their news conference.
TRIBUTE: Cllr Rose Bailey who died last year is to be remembered with a posthumous Alderwoman of the city award.
Pat Quinn, Alderwoman Toni Preckwinkle, Cook County Commissioner Edwin Reyes, Local 700 Assistant Trustee William P.