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of or relating to or like an alderman


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Among the aldermanic candidates in the 11th Ward, for example, is John Tominello, who spent more than a decade working to unionize state court reporters.
Aldermanic privilege received national publicity last year when a Chicago alderman threatened to stop Chick-fil-A from opening a restaurant in his ward because of the owner's stance against gay marriage.
155) A journalist describes this as an "ironclad principle of aldermanic privilege .
And you have to be a snob if you just hate it that the greatest poet the world has produced was born into the humble aldermanic classes of a provincial town.
As proceedings were about to begin Alderman TG Kerrigan (Socialist), right, rose and protested against the condition of his aldermanic gown, which was without a fur collar.
Similarly, the Chicago living wage campaign was timetabled to move its ordinance six months out from aldermanic elections.
The delegation consisted Guy Warrington, Her Majesty's Consul General - British Embassy, Fiona Woolf, CBE - Aldermanic Sheriff, Wayne Evans, director of Overseas Strategy - The City UK, Edward Farquharson Infrastructure UK (PPP), Bashir Siman UKTI special representative for Financial Services, Mohammed AlBastaki - UK Trade & Investment Attache - British Embassy, Adil Khan - UK Trade & Investment Advisor - British Embassy, Sanjay Odedra, Lord Mayor's press officer, and other Members of the delegation representing 17 UK Companies.
So far as the mayoralty is a measure of it, the government of late medieval York was not so much as aldermanic as a mercantile oligarchy.
13, 1879, at 8 ("The delegates to the County, Senatorial, Aldermanic, Judicial, and Assembly conventions will be elected to-morrow night by the district associations.
In individual ward races in Chicago, most aldermanic candidates got only a handful of votes at best.
Mayor or some of his aldermanic companions would be good enough to try it for a while, or even if they would perform the duties for which they are elected and visit it for a while they might (I don't say they would) but they might send that nuisance-abating contractor along and have him perform the duty for which he is paid by the citizens of Calgary.
It was only five months ago that Labour leader Sir Albert Bore, furious at the refusal of Tory and Liberal Democrat councillors to bestow the honour of Honorary Alderman on former councillor Muhammad Afzal, vowed to use his group's voting power to block all future Aldermanic appointments.
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T]his "test" and presumption together add up to a sort of totally unassailable Michigan Doctrine of Aldermanic Infallibility.