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of or relating to or like an alderman


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In the Manchester aldermanic and school board races, the picture was less clear.
The revision process used an independent commission rather than the city planning department in order to overcome aldermanic privilege, inducing councilmembers to support greater density in their own neighborhoods with assurance that all parts of the city would accept some of the new construction.
Dr Utting - or rather Major John Utting RAMC, to denote his present activities - was elected to the city council for Kirkdale ward in 1899, and raised to the aldermanic bench in 1913.
These Chicago Public Schools educators are each running for aldermanic seats, pushing a progressive agenda with the ambitious goal of unseating incumbents in the February 2015 elections.
A deviation of 8.7 percent in aldermanic district size is insufficient to violate the Equal Protection Clause.
The outcome of the aldermanic contests was a tie: six ILP candidates, two Communists, an independent favourable to Labour, and nine with ties to Winnipeg's business community were victorious.
One key reason is the city's deeply embedded culture of cronyism and system of aldermanic privilege, which places inordinate power in the hands of local ward bosses.
(40) After 1906, the idea came up yearly in the aldermanic nominations and city council meetings and was consistently a contentious issue between Toronto and the surrounding York Township.
Although New Haven aldermanic districts are tiny, encompassing no more than 4,300 residents, Ruth and Wingate couldn't find anyone who could identify, much less locate, their alderman.
As Ellickson notes, "In some large cities land-use decisions are determined by a system of 'councilmanic courtesy': all members of the elected governing body informally agree to follow the decision of the member from the district where the land-use problem has arisen." (155) A journalist describes this as an "ironclad principle of aldermanic privilege ...
In 1600 the aldermanic elite that oversaw the city's finances, policing and administration was a religiously mixed grouping.
"And you have to be a snob if you just hate it that the greatest poet the world has produced was born into the humble aldermanic classes of a provincial town.
Similarly, the Chicago living wage campaign was timetabled to move its ordinance six months out from aldermanic elections.
The delegation consisted Guy Warrington, Her Majesty's Consul General - British Embassy, Fiona Woolf, CBE - Aldermanic Sheriff, Wayne Evans, director of Overseas Strategy - The City UK, Edward Farquharson Infrastructure UK (PPP), Bashir Siman UKTI special representative for Financial Services, Mohammed AlBastaki - UK Trade & Investment Attache - British Embassy, Adil Khan - UK Trade & Investment Advisor - British Embassy, Sanjay Odedra, Lord Mayor's press officer, and other Members of the delegation representing 17 UK Companies.
With Notes on the Parliamentary Representation of the City, the Aldermen and the Livery Companies, the Aldermanic Veto, Aldermanic Baronets and Knights, Etc.