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a member of a municipal legislative body (as a city council)

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The Alderman laughed, and winked; for he was a merry fellow, Alderman Cute.
'Divide the amount of tripe before-mentioned, Alderman,' said Mr.
Trotty was so shocked, that it gave him no concern to see the Alderman finish the tripe himself.
'And what do you say?' asked the Alderman, jocosely, of the red- faced gentleman in the blue coat.
But he was so busy, talking to her softly at a little distance, that he only became conscious of this desire, simultaneously with Alderman Cute.
The Alderman, being of a sensitive, retiring disposition, shrank from further comparison, and, strolling to another part of the garden, stole the camel.
"Should you come to Norwich you may have cause to remember that you have been of service to Alderman Micheldene.
"Yet, if the dangers of the road weigh so heavily upon you, master alderman, it is a great marvel to me that you should venture so far from home."
"Stoutly spoken, master alderman! But how have you fared hitherto?"
"By Saint Paul!" quoth Sir Nigel, "it is very clear to me that the sword is like thyself, good alderman, apt either for war or for peace.
'What the devil's the good of an alderman?' returned the choleric old gentleman.
'Oh Lord ha' mercy!' whimpered the old gentleman, as he wiped his forehead in a state of ludicrous distress, 'to think of sending an alderman to awe a crowd!
After a full hearing, the alderman gave it as his opinion that his neighbour was under a mistake, and that I was innocent, and the goldsmith acquiesced in it too, and his wife, and so I was dismissed; but as I was going to depart, Mr.
Alderman saw my money, he said, 'Well, madam, now I am satisfied you were wronged, and it was for this reason that I moved you should buy the spoons, and stayed till you had bought them, for if you had not had money to pay for them, I should have suspected that you did not come into the shop with an intent to buy, for indeed the sort of people who come upon these designs that you have been charged with, are seldom troubled with much gold in their pockets, as I see you are.'
Dobbin, the despised grocer, was Alderman Dobbin--Alderman Dobbin was Colonel of the City Light Horse, then burning with military ardour to resist the French Invasion.