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1] region due to the formation of acetal linkage between hydroxyl group of PVA and aldehydic group of glutaraldehyde.
This involves the oxidation of the aldehydic and/or ketonic groups present in the sugar to the carboxylic group and 3,5-dinitrosalicylic acid is reduced to 3,5-diaminosalicylic acid under alkaline conditions.
The aldehydic floral fragrance was supported with a memorable jingle: "I've been sweet and I've been good/I've had a whole, full day of motherhood/ But I'm gonna have an Aviance night
This involves the mechanism of oxidative decomposition of n-3 and n-6 PUFA membrane phospholipids leading to formation of complex mixtures of lipid hydroperoxide aldehydic end products such as MDA.
These aldehydic secondary products of lipid peroxidation are generally accepted markers of oxidative stress.
These, crisp, cold, fashionable scents are achieved using ingredients with herbal, menthol nuances, as well as white floral notes and aldehydic notes.
She argues that this transformation is precisely where glamour emerges, and what she calls "the aldehydic effects of Stevens's poetry" surface as he "pursues the shift from mere sensory object to magical emanation through the force of the invisible, ordering structure" (23).
Amino group available in Cephradine reacted with the aldehydic group of sugars (aldoses) to yield Schiff bases.
Both cinnamaldehyde and myrtenal have carbon--carbon double bond conjugated with the aldehydic carbonyl group and whereas citronellal lacks such features.
The spectral changes during the oxidation of the aldehydic acids by potassium permanganate in alkaline medium (pH [approximately equal to] 12) was monitored in a thermostated cell compartment within [+ or -] 0.
Tiku et al (38) showed that when chondrocytes were submitted to an oxidative burst, vit E reduced the catabolism of collagen by preventing the protein oxidation mediated by aldehydic down products of lipid peroxidation.
For example, a mere change of fragrance from citrus to a vanilla-type aldehydic note can cause color and odor instability issues when amine-type ingredients, such as amino acids, peptides, or hydrolyzed proteins, are also present in that "base" formulation.
2001), who found that the hens fed feed levels with 80 mg/kg vitamin E prevented cytotoxic aldehydic lipid peroxidation (MDA) in PUFA-enriched eggs.