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the chemical group -CHO

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This way, it can be conjectured that the yellow color can be indicative of the occurrence of aldimine binding reactions (CH = N) between aldehyde groups (-CHO) and amino groups involved in the gelatin crosslinking process [30],
1, the peaks at 1732 and 2714 [cm.sup.-1] corresponding to aldehyde groups are very weak when the molar ratio of U/l/F is 1.0/2.0/4.0.
Vanilla, vanillin and ethyl vanillin are all easily oxidized in the presence of air due to their phenol and aldehyde groups. Metal ions, such as copper and iron, further catalyze this reaction.
The added glutaraldehyde for cross linking process have peaks at 1690cm-1for neat and 1721.19cm-1for natural antibacterial agents incorporated membrane, showed the presence of C=O aldehyde group.
This is due to the resonance stabilization of the CA aldehyde group with the double bond and with the benzene ring.
The formation of hydrogels was attributed to the Schiff-base reaction between the amine groups on GC and aldehyde groups along the Odex molecular chains.
During synthesis of polymer microspheres, glutaric dialdehyde was chosen for its reactive aldehyde groups to bind with amino-bearing laccase [26].
Some of the aldehyde groups of the activated agarose linked covalently to PLL amine groups; on the other side, they bound to amino groups of adsorbed tail of biomolecules.
NaBH4 was used for the reduction of the residual aldehyde groups. One gram of the support was immersed into 2 mL of 0.1 mol [L.sup.-1] phosphate buffer (pH 7.4), adding 2 mg NaB[H.sub.4].
Because aldehyde groups are efficiently introduced into the TEMPO-oxidized pulps, the wet tensile strength improvement of the handsheets must be brought about by inter-fiber covalent bond formation.
The presence of aldehyde groups in carbohydrate derivatives leads to the formation of temporary crosslinks with other biopolymers.
Gentamycin (GEN) was chosen as a model drug since it contains three amino groups which also can enter into Schiff's reaction with aldehyde groups of oxidized alginate.
1c-f), two dominant carbonyl C=0 double bond vibrations at 1720 [cm.sup.-1] and 1655 [cm.sup.-1] can be observed, a result attributed to the aldehyde groups of GA and the ketone groups of BP, respectively.
Periodate oxidation of polysaccharides offers a convenient route to synthesize polymer-drug conjugates especially with drugs possessing aliphatic amino functions via imino bonds with the aldehyde groups of the oxidized polysaccharide.
Crosslinking of the collagenous materials with GTA involve the reaction of free amino groups of lysine or hydroxylysine amino acid residues of the polypeptide chains with the aldehyde groups (Fig.
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