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the chemical group -CHO

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The UIF resins also contained hydroxyl groups and aldehyde groups; the content of aldehyde groups in the resin increased as the amount of isobutyraldehyde increased.
5 ppm assigned to hydrogen in aldehyde groups (26), (27)and the relative peak area increase along with the amount of isobutyraldehyde, which coincide with the results of FTIR.
We believe that slow release observed from matrices having a higher degree of oxidation is due to the better drug conjugation onto the polymer because of the large number of aldehyde groups present.
This is due to the resonance stabilization of the CA aldehyde group with the double bond and with the benzene ring.
Coating of oxidized agarose on glass slides can provide aldehyde groups which bind to amino-modified DNA probes (19), also DNA probes can attach to agarose-coated glass surface using ultraviolet (UV) radiation (19), (20).
GEN has three free primary amino groups, which can enter into reaction with aldehyde groups of ADA (Figure 1).
The subsequent reduction with sodium borohydride led to the stabilization of the bonds between the protein and the polysaccharide, and to the reduction of the residual aldehyde groups [4].
Because aldehyde groups are efficiently introduced into the TEMPO-oxidized pulps, the wet tensile strength improvement of the handsheets must be brought about by inter-fiber covalent bond formation.
The presence of aldehyde groups in carbohydrate derivatives leads to the formation of temporary crosslinks with other biopolymers.
1] can be observed, a result attributed to the aldehyde groups of GA and the ketone groups of BP, respectively.
Crosslinking of the collagenous materials with GTA involve the reaction of free amino groups of lysine or hydroxylysine amino acid residues of the polypeptide chains with the aldehyde groups (Fig.
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