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Synonyms for alcoholism

an intense persistent desire to drink alcoholic beverages to excess

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The combined effects of alcoholism and HIV infection on brain structure, chemistry, and function are most devastating in individuals who have experienced an AIDS-defining event.
This comprehensive resource is divided into seven main sections: basic information about alcohol, alcohol's effect on the body, alcohol's effect on mental health and behavior, alcohol abuse and alcoholism, preventing alcoholism, children of alcoholics, and how to find further information.
Vaillant (1983) addressed these differences and concurred that practitioners often disagree on the cause(s) of alcoholism. Whereas some psychologists believe that alcoholism is a disease, other psychologists depict alcoholism as a bad habit or a culturally-induced behavior (Vaillant, 1983).
Al-anon teaches detachment with love and has produced an excellent pamphlet entitled, 'alcoholism - a merry-go-round of denial.' Alcoholism is no respecter of persons, blighting the lives of people from all walks of life.
AN astonishing 5,534 children aged ten to 13 admitted to hospital with alcoholism symptoms - 3,203 of them girls.
"NECA helped me realise there doesn't need to be a stigma attached to alcoholism and that carers should not feel isolated," she said.
"There is no medical answer or cure for alcoholism. It is a progressive disease which has a downhill spiral," said John (not his real name), a spokesman for the Paphos Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) group.
Between 1900 and 1920, local efforts to treat alcoholism continued in spite of the larger national collapse of addiction treatment as a field.
Inverclyde tops the UK list with more than one in 200 of its workers claiming incapacity benefits due to alcoholism.
Guest House--a Michigan-based treatment center for Catholic clergy and religious--and the National Catholic Council on Alcoholism and Related Drug Problems has honored Dominican Sr.
It updates complete details on alcoholism among all age groups, describing its effects, incorporating new studies on alcoholism's recovery and treatment options, and including a glossary of terms newcomers to the topic will find invaluable.
Alcoholism continues to be the most pervasive and widespread addiction in the United States.
The Ontario Social Benefits Tribunal had the jurisdiction to consider human rights issues when two applicants appealed a rejection for disability support because of alcoholism, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled.
But she has been through the terrible years of his chronic alcoholism. She has suffered physical and emotional abuse because of his booze addiction.
Beckman had been in recovery from alcoholism and drug abuse for just a year when he joined the cast of MTV's The Real World in its 2002 Chicago season, thereby becoming most Americans' first real image of a young gay man overcoming addiction.