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Synonyms for alcoholic

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Synonyms for alcoholic

containing alcohol

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Synonyms for alcoholic

a person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually

characteristic of or containing alcohol


addicted to alcohol

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What makes Temple's and Gowan's descent into alcoholism (2) significant is the fallout their addictions precipitate vis-a-vis Southern social relations and the problematic intersection of broader socio-political forces present in the Volstead-era South, suggesting that the region is in fact "diseased," a useful metaphor when considering that Gowan Stevens and Temple Drake drink alcoholically. More importantly, the novel gives insight into the evolving ways that drinking registered in the national consciousness at the time of its publication, particularly in light of Prohibition's obvious failures to legislate morality and cure America of its pandemic of alcoholic overconsumption.
Decline in Progress Against Alcoholically Impaired Drivers (1995-2005)
Susan is a case example of a high-functioning alcoholic (HFA) in that she is able to maintain her outside life (job, home, family and friendships), all while drinking alcoholically. HFAs have the same disease as the stereotypical "Skid Row" alcoholic, but the illness manifests or progresses differently.
8 Who plays alcoholically challenged Frank Gallagher in Shameless?
Self-centered and drinking alcoholically, her life is in pretty bad shape.
Starting with champagne in the locker room, things progressed alcoholically from there and by yesterday morning everyone was looking rough.
And though she's committed to a dude and only "alcoholically bisexual," Luenell's shown our community plenty of support: She's appeared in the super-queer comedy cabaret Funny Girlz and has even dubbed herself a "drag queen trapped in a woman's body." Besides, don't we all kind of start out alcoholically bisexual?
You'd think, given the heat alcoholically hot wines are getting, that alcohol adjustment companies would be getting public service awards from The Wine Institute.
If other socially significant characteristics (e.g., poverty, obesity, alcoholically impaired behavior) were measured with such looseness, there would be a general outcry from the public and the media.
Such anger as there was in his account was directed not against the way the Somme had been fought but rather against those who had divested the war he had known of any idealism or high moral purpose, and turned it into what he called 'the war of the Sewers, in which no one ever laughed, those who were not melancholy mad were alcoholically hysterical, and most of the action took place in or near the crude latrines of the period'.
Her agreement emboldened him alcoholically, with a sudden rush of raw confidence.