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When the law comes into effect it will ban the advertisement of alcoholic beverages and all forms of promoting the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages.
As the economy recovers from the Great Recession, Americans are continuing to purchase alcoholic beverages, albeit more cautiously than pre-recession, and in some cases with a value-focused mindset, according to new research from The Nielsen Co.
Washington, December 03 (ANI): Alcoholic beverages popular among youths pull more advertisement in magazines than those favoured by adults, leading to a higher exposure of alcohol among youngsters, a new study claims.
"Alcoholic beverages as gifts, especially those with value-added packaging, can fit most holiday shopping budgets and represent a more economical alternative to bigger ticket items," said Hurst.
First to be targeted were the manufacturers of alcoholic beverages. Traditionally, tort law protected alcoholic beverage manufacturers from the duty to warn under the "good whiskey" argument which stated that "Good whiskey is not unreasonably dangerous merely because it will make some people drunk ..." However, several cases in the 1980s breached this defense and opened the door to "failure-to-warn" lawsuits brought by the parents of children with FAS, as well as by other individuals injured through their drinking.
Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, et al., Supreme Court of Alabama, October term, 1992-1993, case no.
Alcoholic beverages offered the obvious reward of intoxication to men who led a rough and dangerous life.
Four years later, Congress mandated warning labels on alcoholic beverages. And the number of drinking Americans shrank.
Yesterday police have identified three brands of alcoholic beverages consumed.
Maryland's Alcoholic Beverage Control Board recently nabbed California's Kendall-Jackson Winery in a sting operation.
Sections 23393 and 23394 of the ABC Act prohibit a retailer from selling alcoholic beverage products for resale.
To support this end, many alcoholic beverage companies participate in broad-based efforts to teach Americans - especially young Americans - about responsible drinking.
And, if the alcoholic beverage industry has its way, millions of consumers--especially women and teenagers--will believe that coolers are only slightly more intoxicating than sodas.
A draft bill restricting the sale and consumption of alcohol is set to pass from a parliamentary commission today after long debates.The Turkish Parliament's Planning and Budget Commission's bill forbids any kind of commercial promotion of alcoholic beverages. It also requires alcoholic beverage producers in Turkey to put warnings on bottles about the potential damage of alcohol to the human body.
Labels would list ingredients so consumers can compare beverages, and so the seven million Americans with food allergies can know if an alcoholic beverage contains milk, eggs, gluten, or other allergens.