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Just as the advertisement bans on smoking had a limited effect, so it will be the same for alcoholic beverages.
Sweepstakes are an increasingly important marketing tool in the fiercely competitive alcoholic beverage industry, which faces declining per-capita consumption in California and the United States, industry officials and regulators said.
Flavoured Alcoholic Beverages (RTDs, Spirit Coolers, Ciders)
consumers plan to spend the same or more on alcoholic beverages over the coming 12 months, a marked contrast to last year's AlixPartners study, when 70% said they would spend the same or more on alcohol.
While alcoholic beverage manufacturers and physicians worked to strike themselves off the list of those who might be held liable for the birth of an child with FAS, mothers remained vulnerable.
While consumption of beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages have all increased, it appears only a certain age group is imbibing more.
Cops 'N Shops differs from undercover stings in that it focuses on the violator, rather than the alcoholic beverage retail industry.
Historical accounts from ancient Greece, Rome, and other early civilizations describe the systematic doling out of alcoholic beverages to soldiers along with food, weapons, and other military rations.
The non alcoholic beverage industry is expected to rise tremendously due to presence of strong consumer base in India.
IRI's research shows that young adults are more interested than other groups in trying new alcoholic beverage products," said Ed Kuehnle, president of IRI North America, "But to reach these consumers, it is critical to take their unique purchase patterns into account.
Heath said he cannot understand why county planners would not object to alcoholic beverage sales 300 feet from an Antelope Valley Freeway off-ramp.
In recent years, Frohling estimates, the mail-order alcoholic beverage business has taken in $500 million to $1 billion annually, about half of it in wine sales.
To support this end, many alcoholic beverage companies participate in broad-based efforts to teach Americans - especially young Americans - about responsible drinking.
And, if the alcoholic beverage industry has its way, millions of consumers--especially women and teenagers--will believe that coolers are only slightly more intoxicating than sodas.
com/research/nn3fmd/global_alcoholic) has announced the addition of the "Global Alcoholic Beverage Industry - Forecasts to 2018" report to their offering.