alcoholic abuse

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excessive use of alcohol and alcoholic drinks

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Leo Bailey (Martin Vanghan) is a drink-sodden old artist who, alter decades of alcoholic abuse and self-indulgent tempestuousness, has pushed away all his friends, three ex-wives and all but one of his children.
He died in 1953, aged 39, in a New York hospital, from 'alcoholic abuse'; though it has been strongly claimed that he really died from an accidental overdose of morphine.
Pancreatic fibrosis in patients with chronic alcoholic abuse: correlation with alcoholic pancreatitis.
But Portman Group director Jean Coussins, warned that the real problems of alcoholic abuse "cannot be solved by imposing a heavy tax".
The studies have concentrated on alcoholic abuse and its contribution to accidents, aggression, family disruption, crime and disease.
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