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Kafirin is an alcohol-soluble protein from Kafir Andropogon sorghum.
Acid- or alcohol-soluble? Inert or mineral- and vitamin-depleting?
Electrophoretic analysis of alcohol-soluble proteins, collectively termed prolamines, have been extensively used for identification of wheat cultivars (Bietz et al., 1984; Bushuk and Zillman, 1978; Shewry et al., 1978).
Extraction of Salt-Soluble and Alcohol-Soluble Proteins
The pellet was saved for extraction of alcohol-soluble prolamines.
This fraction was designated as the alcohol-soluble prolamine fraction.
Salt-soluble globulins and alcohol-soluble prolamines of tall fescue seeds were fractionated by SDS-PAGE (Laemmli, 1970).
We have earlier shown that the alcohol-soluble prolamines of tall fescue are a complex heterogeneous group of proteins (Krishnan et al., 1996).
We speculate that the bulk of the proteins belonging to zone D are the alcohol-soluble prolamines.
Alcohol-soluble prolamines of tall fescue are a complex and heterogeneous group of proteins.
Among his developments were alcohol-soluble polyamide inks and energy-reactive materials for the graphic arts industry.
Wheat gluten and corn zein are alcohol-soluble proteins that have hydrophobic properties.
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