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Synonyms for withdrawal

Synonyms for withdrawal

the act of leaving

the moving back of a military force in the face of enemy attack or after a defeat

a formal statement of disavowal

Synonyms for withdrawal

a retraction of a previously held position

the act of taking out money or other capital

avoiding emotional involvement


Related Words

the act of withdrawing blood, tumors, etc.

Related Words

the act of ceasing to participate in an activity

Related Words

a method of birth control in which coitus is initiated but the penis is deliberately withdrawn before ejaculation

formal separation from an alliance or federation

the termination of drug taking

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For the subjects who reported a history of having previously experienced alcohol withdrawal symptoms, group differences emerged during the active treatment phase.
The involvement of NMDA receptors in alcoholism is especially interesting because they also play a role in neuroplasticity, a process characterized by neural reorganization that likely contributes to hyperexcitability and craving during alcohol withdrawal (4) (Pulvirenti and Diana 2001).
All subjects received two days of infusions, and during the first two treatment days, each subject's alcohol withdrawal symptoms were assessed multiple times using CIWA scores.
These analyses confirmed that lifetime history of alcohol withdrawal symptoms predicted cognitive performance, especially on visuospatial tests--that is, young people who had experienced a greater number of withdrawal symptoms performed worse on visuospatial tasks than did young people who had had fewer withdrawal symptoms.
Residual effect of ethanol and chlordiazepoxide treatment for alcohol withdrawal.
8] Patients who experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms often have a more complicated hospitalization, an extended length of stay, and increased utilization of intensive care and other services.
com/) is an alcohol addiction, alcohol withdrawal, alcohol abuse treatment and alcohol detox rehabilitation company.
There are the chronic drunks, the homeless d who may end up going through alcohol withdrawal - the DTs.
A DRIVER who killed a young Birmingham student after suffering a seizure at the wheel may have been suffering from alcohol withdrawal, an inquest heard.
A consultant from the University Hospital of Wales confirmed that he had attended the emergency unit on 176 occasions, including 13 visits in the last year for alcohol withdrawal symptoms.
Despite prison induction officer Gavin Nash and prison health care assistant Emma Denatale stating Mr Shapely should be placed in a shared cell for his alcohol withdrawal, he was placed in a cell alone as there was no other non-smoker to share a cell.
But on his third day at the clinic, his organs began to shut down due to the effects of alcohol withdrawal, forcing his transfer to intensive care.
London, Feb 10 ( ANI ): England football legend Paul Gascoigne was fighting for his life on Saturday after he suffered a calamitous reaction to alcohol withdrawal.
There are other causes of fits, including epilepsy, heart problems, recreational drugs, alcohol withdrawal, anxiety and other illnesses.
Withdrawal severity also seems to have a genetic component, and it has been shown that alcohol withdrawal is a significant genetic factor in explaining AUD diagnoses in twin pairs (Ystrom et al.
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