alcohol abuse

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excessive use of alcohol and alcoholic drinks

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The mission of this coalition and involvement of the staff from the community college is broader than simply preventing alcohol abuse and related harm among college students, rather the mission extends to youth of all ages in the community.
The problem of parental alcohol abuse is pervasive in the United States.
A working understanding of prevalence, simple screening tools, signs of alcohol abuse and dependence in health history, physical assessment, and laboratory findings can achieve these goals.
The physiologic, psychologic, and social impacts of alcohol can be addressed if the alcohol abuse is identified and an appropriate treatment plan is devised.
Moreover, alcohol abuse and dependence often accompanied illicit-drug abuse, heavy cigarette smoking, and various mood, anxiety, and personality disorders.
In rural areas, alcohol abuse far exceeds illicit drug abuse.
Other recent research findings related to alcohol abuse have highlighted its major overall impact on the healthcare system.
This study thus examined the utility of religious activity as a predictor of alcohol abuse, regardless of religious affiliation, namely: 1) Does religious activity buffer alcohol abuse within a college student sample?
Reflex testing is effective in detecting heavy drinkers because it is only done when there is already a significant suspicion of alcohol abuse.
As in past research, "higher initial levels of adolescent alcohol abuse corresponded with lower initial levels of autonomy granting," but this association did not reach statistical significance, the authors found.
Two questions in the preliminary screening are all required to determine alcohol abuse, according to a study published in the British Journal of General Practice (GP).
London, Oct 2 ( ANI ): Queens Park Rangers midfielder Joey Barton has reportedly taken part in a five-kilometre run along with British journalist and political aide Alastair Campbell in England to support a campaign against alcohol abuse.
In addition, researchers found that continued alcohol abuse following liver transplantation decreases the survival graft survival, further highlighting the importance of preventing alcohol relapse.
The results showing that women born in the 70s, now in their 30s and early 40s, are at the hard end of alcohol abuse statistics is a warning of the health problems that could lay ahead for a generation.
A CARDIFF Assembly member has urged the UK Government to devolve alcohol licensing so Wales can develop a "Welsh approach" to tackling alcohol abuse.
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