alcohol abuse

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excessive use of alcohol and alcoholic drinks

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I desperately hope this can be the generation which finally sees a decline in alcohol abuse.
One respondent reported that he/she had been diagnosed by a clinician with an alcohol disorder (either alcohol abuse or alcohol dependence).
Further, "the higher the initial level of adolescent alcohol abuse, the greater the increase in autonomy granting" for early-maturing girls.
While many transplant centers require candidates with a history of alcohol abuse to attend substance abuse treatment prior to transplantation, our findings emphasize the importance of continued therapy after the transplant to prevent alcohol relapse," Dr.
Those who work on the frontline of the battle against alcohol abuse say minimum pricing would help address the issue.
In North Wales, health officials said that alcohol abuse among the elderly is a "hidden epidemic".
And only after a considerable number of incidents of alcohol abuse were reported, it was decided by authorities that no further placements should be made with the foster care family.
An inquest at Northallerton County Hall heard Mr Turnbull had a history of alcohol abuse, but tests showed he had no alcohol or drugs in his body when he died.
Alcohol abuse affects every Christian congregation, if not every family, in some way.
REGARDING recent articles in The Journal about alcohol abuse, it has long been my personal and professional opinion that alcohol is too easily available and too easily obtained by minors.
ALCOHOL abuse is "one of the major sins of our time", a bishop has said.
WITH alcohol sales dropping dramatically (gross consumption in 2009 down 13% on 2004 and distributed across a larger population) many people may believe that concerns over alcohol abuse are overdone.
However, the proposed minimum 45p a unit cost of alcohol is just as likely to lead to increased criminal activity and home brewing as to a reduction in alcohol abuse.
SIR - For the past nine months the Union Of Welsh Independent Churches (Undeb yr Annibynwyr Cymraeg ) has been campaigning for new legislation to help control alcohol abuse.
In addition, moderate levels of alcohol abuse can also lead to mild but significant cognitive deficits, BBC reported.
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