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Synonyms for alchemy

Synonyms for alchemy

the way two individuals relate to each other

a pseudoscientific forerunner of chemistry in medieval times

References in classic literature ?
I shall seek this man, as I have sought truth in books: as I have sought gold in alchemy.
2] Astrology, alchemy, and divination were three imaginary arts.
Coictier exclaimed, "Pardieu, Dom Claude, alchemy has its use, no doubt, but why blaspheme medicine and astrology?
By some subtle spiritual or physical alchemy observation had been transmuted into action--the sightseers had become participants in the spectacle--the audience had usurped the stage.
Sometimes he was all but submerged, swimming through oblivion with a faltering stroke; and again, by some strange alchemy of soul, he would find another shred of will and strike out more strongly.
A period wherein science was raped by the metaphysicians, wherein physics became a search for the Philosopher's Stone, wherein chemistry became alchemy, and astronomy became astrology.
The acquisition by Alchemy and Geometry was contracted for during the Global Currency crisis in October 1998, and closed at the beginning of 1999.
14 /PRNewswire/ -- Corel Corporation (Nasdaq-NNM: COSFF) announced today that its new CD recorder software, Corel(R) CD Creator, will be bundled with Alchemy, the CD-ROM indexing and retrieval software from Information Management Research (IMR) Inc.
5280 Solutions Will Use, Resell Alchemy Solutions' Legacy Modernization Software and Solutions
4 million from a subsidiary of Affirmative Equities Corporation, The Rambusch Building is the fourth purchase by an Alchemy affiliate this year.
Ownership will be held equally between Booth and Alchemy.
Alchemy Solutions' market-leading software preserves and extends customers' investments in their legacy mainframe systems by enabling them to be modernized as they are migrated by leveraging the power of .
Over the last 10 years, Alchemy Properties has been involved in the successful conversion, sale, workout and restructuring of over 150 residential buildings in the New York City metropolitan area.
15 /PRNewswire/ -- Booth American Company and Broadcast Alchemy, L.
NEW YORK & DUBLIN -- Alchemy Software Development, a division of Translations.