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Synonyms for alchemy

Synonyms for alchemy

the way two individuals relate to each other

a pseudoscientific forerunner of chemistry in medieval times

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Coictier exclaimed, "Pardieu, Dom Claude, alchemy has its use, no doubt, but why blaspheme medicine and astrology?"
I shall seek this man, as I have sought truth in books: as I have sought gold in alchemy. There is a sympathy that will make me conscious of him.
[2] Astrology, alchemy, and divination were three imaginary arts.
She was too occupied in glimpsing the vision of the one lone white man as she had first seen him, helpless from fever, a collapsed wraith in a steamer-chair, who, up to the last heart-beat, by some strange alchemy of race, was pledged to mastery.
A period wherein science was raped by the metaphysicians, wherein physics became a search for the Philosopher's Stone, wherein chemistry became alchemy, and astronomy became astrology.
Sometimes he was all but submerged, swimming through oblivion with a faltering stroke; and again, by some strange alchemy of soul, he would find another shred of will and strike out more strongly.
It was an alchemy of soul occultly subtile and profoundly deep--a mysterious emanation of the spirit, seductive, sweetly humble, and terribly imperious.
Anthony Smith, founder of Portland Financial Management Group, said: "Alchemy Wealth Management not only has an excellent reputation for providing independent financial advice, but has a strong management structure in place and sound financial turnover.
A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Alchemy Solutions is marking the occasion in its balloon-festooned booth at Microsoft's TechEd Europe conference in Berlin, Germany.
"Color Alchemy: Self-Mastery with the Endless Supply of Color" is a guide to using the colors in one's life to maximize the potential in one's life.
Tara Nummedal's Alchemy and Authority provides a reassessment of early modern alchemy and the figure of the alchemist.
Alchemy Systems, A UK-based supplier of business systems, announced on 1 December the launch of its Virtual Open Desktop solution which provides subscribers to the service with access to a dedicated virtual desktop computer.
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has released a series of nine fragrances inspired by "The Graveyard Book," author Neil Gaiman's newest bestseller.
The pseudo-science of Alchemy was centuries of ago viewed as a true science.
ITOL members are set to benefit from a new partnership with People Alchemy Ltd by having free access to the 'People Alchemy for Managers' knowledge tool.