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alter (elements) by alchemy

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The diaries also display Sontag's penchant for alchemizing her personal phenomenology into categorical imperatives, as in this from September 1976:
The bike slurred past women in wild colors, their bright laughs and lovely skin alchemizing into a golden heartache.
Having examined more than 50 narrative texts, "written in Latin prose before 1301," Dickson finds that even then the tale was alchemizing into "mythistory," a word he borrows from American historian William McNeill.
He examines the nature of catastrophe and the necessity of evil, the workings of sacrifice as love's ultimate demand, the nature of evil and the phantasmic, damage as a logic of evil, denial and the elimination of evil (and evil's elimination of the subject in denial), truth and faith or forms and signs of life's power, love and the limits of justice, and the art of "alchemizing" evil.