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alter (elements) by alchemy

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More precisely, Spindelman argues that the de jure consent gravamen of sexual assault law combined with the de facto material reality of the ideology of sexual freedom alchemizes and authorizes sexual violence by and against gay men.
If there is a goddess invoked by Sakra Boccata, She is Killa, the Quechua word for "moon," which Mazzotti alchemizes into LoKilla, the Spanish diminutive of loca, and which Eshleman in turn translates as "LittleKrazyOne" ("Oh LittleKrazyOne Queen my Queen").
Her work in gold invokes the door of a holy shrine; the metallic tincture in loaded brush strokes 'alchemizes' the surface so roshni and noor can meet between the layers.
The price mechanism allows the uncoordinated and decentralized decisions of economic actors to generate growing prosperity, but no invisible hand alchemizes political self-interest into the public good.
(2) By a touch of ingenium, he alchemizes them into a hortatory formulation: "As we communicate, so shall we be" (Section 35).