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alter (elements) by alchemy

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Advertisers use this tendency in us to want what others want as a very powerful tool to get us to buy things we don't really want or need, using money we don't have, and thereby squandering our natural desire--energy which, if alchemized, could fuel more creativity and less consumption.
Simultaneously existing as local, national, and global space, online media structures like the 26/11 network-archive enable the practice of individual private remembrance to be alchemized as the memory of a public that is likewise local, national and global.
Here on the Big Island, I dream of poke from Hilo's Suisan Fish Market: cubed raw seafood alchemized into onoliciousness through some combination of onions, seaweed, sesame seeds, and spices, then dressed (or not) with soy sauce or sesame oil.
That adds up to a lot of news alchemized into punchlines.
I replied that to see Domingo alchemized into vivid character, and to hear him gloriously evoke his persona's humanity, was exactly the kind of thing I need to restore my spirit when it drains away in yet another missing ecosystem.
De la Selva's experiences in Nicaragua and the U.S., in Spanish and English, alchemized into a purer substance: a voice that epitomizes an ideal of the poet that has a worldwide appeal.
But before time alchemized its wings, the creature was mostly yellow-green, with only a fringe of blue.
As the water hit the blacktop, it atomized, alchemized into a rainbow-flecked spray.
He had a giddy, grandfatherly smile on his face, which confirmed my sense that I was at the rally less to stand for a certain set of principles (there was no set of principles) or to be entertained (as I said, you couldn't hear a thing), but to be an extra in the cast of exactly the sort of non-event alchemized by warm, young bodies and media hype into Great American Spectacleexactly the sort of non-event, in other words, that Jon Stewart, in his more pious moods, gets a kick out of shaking his head at with a fake non-grin on his face.
earth." Like gas and coal, oil is still being alchemized down in
This has been proved conclusively with laboratory experiments." (65) Fischer and Baldassare associated Calhoun's work with "best-selling books and popular novels" whose "torrent of dramatic prose has portrayed men as 'killer apes,' trapped in the 'human zoo' that we once called the city." (66) Zlutnick and Altman surveyed the numerous newspaper and magazine articles on crowding, through which, they suggested, Calhoun's speculative hypotheses had been alchemized into scientific fact.