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alter (elements) by alchemy

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Robinson's imitation of Little Caeser alchemize to produce a show that pits postmodern identity angst against vaudevillian shtick--a little song, a little dance, even a little juggling.
This person can alchemize technology to business strategy and back again.
at 931 ("No order of this Court can alchemize concrete and asphalt into blueprint.
It takes a true genius - or three of them - to alchemize one of the Bard's works into a bona fide modern classic, especially a play as lame-brained as ``The Comedy of Errors.
Even if it is in extremis, at the edge of death, as an individual or as a planet, there still is the consolation of insight and wisdom that you might get from a work of art that will ease the pain of passing from this life to whatever emptiness comes, and alchemize that sorrow into blissful recognition.