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alter (elements) by alchemy

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And, what the slave did--despised and rejected, 'buked and scorned --with the European's paranoid vision of human life was to alchemize it into a force that contained a human use.
Paintings serve a similar function, and in White Album Rishma Dunlop and Suzanne Northcott alchemize landscape, immigration, romance, love and sexuality into stunning verbal and visual images until, in Dunlop's words, "Everything feels rare as ivory."
Robinson's imitation of Little Caeser alchemize to produce a show that pits postmodern identity angst against vaudevillian shtick--a little song, a little dance, even a little juggling.
This person can alchemize technology to business strategy and back again.
at 931 ("No order of this Court can alchemize concrete and asphalt into blueprint.").
Even if it is in extremis, at the edge of death, as an individual or as a planet, there still is the consolation of insight and wisdom that you might get from a work of art that will ease the pain of passing from this life to whatever emptiness comes, and alchemize that sorrow into blissful recognition.
We take in as much of the author's world as we can, and mix this material with our own in the alembic of our reading minds, combining them to alchemize something unique."
Fred Simmons Danny McBride Suzie Simmons Mary Jane Bostic Chuck "The Truck" Wallace Ben Best Julio Spencer Moreno Henry Carlos Lopez IV Mike McAlister Jody Hill The character of Fred Simmons is a Cliff Clavinesque sensei deluxe in "The Foot Fist Way," a low-budget, low-flying farce a la "Napoleon Dynamite" or "Jackass: The Movie." A film crying out to be discovered by midnight movie mavens, "Foot Fist" will require delicate handling to alchemize its unsmelted comedy into B.O.
It sets the poet up as a kind of suave circus ringmaster of contradiction; despite the pressure of experiential paradox and dissonance, the poet will maintain his/her cool, and in some Hegelian way synthesize the contradictions, clean up the general mess, and alchemize it all into a delicious concoction that is, well, Keatsian.