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of or relating to alchemists

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It is pitiful that many foolishly take such contorted alchemistic fantasy at its face value.
An increasing level of purity characterizes the different stages in the alchemistic process of transmuting matter into gold.
on which coin-writing appears is, unlike Gutenberg's paper, an especially valuable one." (43) Dousterswivel attempts to capitalize on his assumption that both Wardour and Oldbuck would appreciate the value of this qualitative difference between the two materials as he invites Oldbuck to invest in his alchemistic scheme: "If you join wid Sir Arthur, as he is put one hundred and fifty--see, here is one fifty in your dirty Fairport banknotes--you put one other hundred and fifty in de dirty notes, and you shall have de pure gold and silver, I cannot tell how much" (228).
Isaac Newton, though still strongly interested in alchemistic studies, publishes his Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, paving the way for the modern approach to establishing knowledge about nature.
It is the site where Septimius works frantically to outdo death in his alchemistic experiments, but it is also where he confronts death in its most gruesome forms.
In speaking about Mirall trencat (1974; Broken mirror), her longest novel, she provided another almost alchemistic revelation: "Eladi Farriols, dead and lying in the library of a stately manor, provided me with the first chapter in a most unexpected way." Elsewhere, she observed, "Small things play a great role in narrative, as they always have, long before Alain Robbe-Grillet wrote Le voyeur" (1952; Eng.
Rime di viaggio per la terra dipinta unifies the sharply different modes of painting and poetry in an alchemistic tour de force; Gatto's visionary brilliance energizes and innovates the technical excellence of his craft.
In my book I look at: the First Goddess, Gaia; Virginal, Pure Goddesses; Vulnerable, Emotional Goddesses; Alchemistic Goddesses; Goddesses of Great Personal Strength; Goddesses of Healing; Goddesses of the Shadows; Goddesses of Compassion; and a Goddess of Good Luck.
In fact, princes financing alchemistic laboratories, such as Habsburg Emperor Rudolph II, were entirely disinterested in spiritual benefits, desiring only to fill their empty treasuries with solid gold.