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alter (elements) by alchemy

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A manager doing his utmost to alchemise base metal into gold -and failing for lack of interest by others.
Running their rose-tinted sun glasses over a ton or so of bog-standard soccer flesh exhaustedly plodding past them, they allow some trick of the light, some trick of the fevered imagination, to alchemise it into a team of sure-fire winners.
Essentially, you sing into your computer's microphone and it alchemises one's warblings into a fully arranged song.
Just as there is a welter of excellent new bands thrilling the ears of North Wales -- Gintis, Inferno, Haemasonic, Xms3, Dead on Arrival UK etc -- I am sure that there must be excellent new writers out there, whose enthusiasm for the music that they hear, alchemises into words that they are desperate for others to read.