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related to or concerned with alchemy


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And, the details are hermetic because they are rendered in Arroyo's aphoristic performance style, alchemically combining theatrical gesture, imagistic suddenness, and a cast of characters, often family members (mother, transvestite uncle, cousins), but this time, mostly philosopher-cosmologists and astronomers whom Arroyo chooses as his accompanying specters on this journey into astronomical optics.
After settling down of the impurities, purity results into what alchemically is called "albedo (whitening)" manifested symbolically into the "sunrise" or the "full moon." This refinement of the defiled "body"4 through alchemical fire, results into the feminine aspect ("anima") called "sponsa (bride)", variously symbolized as silver or the moon (Jung 1977: 448).
Here are a few guidelines if you'd like to begin alchemically changing "a cuppa coffee" to "wonderful elixir." This is the procedure that Timothy Hall was taught by his mentor, R.
Each error would be easily correctable on its own, but in the aggregate, they combine alchemically and open the door to disaster.
G cannot alchemically transform a return that contains underreported tax into a return with no underreported tax: it can only audit or not audit.
"Instead, like soft power, they arise almost alchemically from societies and cultures left free to innovate and incubate new ideas." Achieving balance between social controls and freedoms is a challenge, and leaders would be wise to avoid the populism of former Politburo member Bo Xilai now on trial.
In artistic terms, then, 'woman' may function as a material body, a substance to be alchemically transformed by the creative process" (95).
Beginning the work of inner transformation with melancholy is alchemically appropriate.
Unlike gold--which corresponds alchemically to the suns fire, the light of day and reason--silver is a nocturnal metal, correspondent to the moon, to emotion and imagination.
multiculturalists that alchemically transforms an ideology into an immutable identity, too sacred to withstand reason.
Martin Amis' image of London as an "ever-changing city" (167) is exposed in the seventh chapter focusing on his novels, Groes comments, as attempts "to transform consumption into a refined literary form; in other words, to alchemically turn excrement into gold by means of the creative imagination" (190).
She may write "chingado" in one sentence, only to be followed by high diction such as "dominant paradigms," "pseudo-liberal," "doppelganger," or "metamorphoses alchemically." Most importantly, this is clearly a conscious act.
If some hint of history is alchemically inscribed in the rocky plain here, it is not an accessible one.
If the horn on the beast's head once symbolized the power of the earth to bring forth new life, the horn takes a finer, more invisible vital substance in, circulates it in its guts, and alchemically transforms it into beautiful art.
What one might find inspiring in his books and in his life is first of all a courageous existential stance towards the certainty of death and an ability to transform alchemically the direst circumstances into creative expression.