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related to or concerned with alchemy


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Schipper, at the Bellagio Conference on Taoist studies, discussed some of the ingredients of the hallucinogenic incense as consisting of hemp and the alchemically significant metal lead burned in Mao-Shan rites (Welch 1970).
By this process Corvaja has almost alchemically altered the properties of the material, transforming it from something hard and solid to something akin to fur.
At the same time, by taking narrative control of her rape, Maria transforms this base experience, alchemically, into a precious expression of her strength.
Only I know how the writing process alchemically alters me, leaving me transformed .
It seems odd that neither so acclaimed a reader as Helen Vendler, nor one so alchemically inclined as Linden, should have noticed how well-chosen is the adjective Herbert applies to his "Chymick.
Ancient source materials and images compliment discussions which describe step-by-step methods for preparing plant remedies alchemically, blending history and science with new age beliefs and methods in a classic resource perfect for any new age collection strong in hermetic art or natural healing.
This study of Santeria aesthetics and practice across time and space alchemically welds ethnography, oral history, analytical documentation of material culture, and archival inquiry in order to map out patterns of institutional, ritual, and iconographic innovation in Santeria from the 19th up to the late 20th century in Cuba and the United States.
The other three professions are also parodied alchemically by the similar habit of unreflective but profitable imitation.