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related to or concerned with alchemy


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After settling down of the impurities, purity results into what alchemically is called "albedo (whitening)" manifested symbolically into the "sunrise" or the "full moon.
Here are a few guidelines if you'd like to begin alchemically changing "a cuppa coffee" to "wonderful elixir.
Martin Amis' image of London as an "ever-changing city" (167) is exposed in the seventh chapter focusing on his novels, Groes comments, as attempts "to transform consumption into a refined literary form; in other words, to alchemically turn excrement into gold by means of the creative imagination" (190).
On his latest release, Reflections, elements from his years of playing jazz blend alchemically with relaxing new age music that brings to mind the improvisational style of Keith Jarrett and Liz Story.
She may write "chingado" in one sentence, only to be followed by high diction such as "dominant paradigms," "pseudo-liberal," "doppelganger," or "metamorphoses alchemically.
If some hint of history is alchemically inscribed in the rocky plain here, it is not an accessible one.
If the horn on the beast's head once symbolized the power of the earth to bring forth new life, the horn takes a finer, more invisible vital substance in, circulates it in its guts, and alchemically transforms it into beautiful art.
What one might find inspiring in his books and in his life is first of all a courageous existential stance towards the certainty of death and an ability to transform alchemically the direst circumstances into creative expression.
Schipper, at the Bellagio Conference on Taoist studies, discussed some of the ingredients of the hallucinogenic incense as consisting of hemp and the alchemically significant metal lead burned in Mao-Shan rites (Welch 1970).
By this process Corvaja has almost alchemically altered the properties of the material, transforming it from something hard and solid to something akin to fur.
At the same time, by taking narrative control of her rape, Maria transforms this base experience, alchemically, into a precious expression of her strength.
Only I know how the writing process alchemically alters me, leaving me transformed .
It seems odd that neither so acclaimed a reader as Helen Vendler, nor one so alchemically inclined as Linden, should have noticed how well-chosen is the adjective Herbert applies to his "Chymick.
Ancient source materials and images compliment discussions which describe step-by-step methods for preparing plant remedies alchemically, blending history and science with new age beliefs and methods in a classic resource perfect for any new age collection strong in hermetic art or natural healing.
This study of Santeria aesthetics and practice across time and space alchemically welds ethnography, oral history, analytical documentation of material culture, and archival inquiry in order to map out patterns of institutional, ritual, and iconographic innovation in Santeria from the 19th up to the late 20th century in Cuba and the United States.