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related to or concerned with alchemy


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Alchemical Engagement introduces readers to the Alsani family, named as members of the Order of the Dragon by Emperor Sigismund of Luxembourg in the 1400s, in a saga that will shake the very foundations of the world.
Before that, I grew up in a basement in Brooklyn, and I have used movement and found objects as the glue for my alchemical processes ever since.
A modern day witch and a vampire fuse an unlikely relationship following the discovery of an alchemical manuscript in this vast, sexy, historical romp of a novel.
Alchemical medicine for the 21st century; spagyrics for detox, healing, and longevity.
This book offers the reader a tour of one of the more peculiar comers of medieval thought, a corner defined by the intersection of three enterprises: Spiritual Franciscanism, Joachite apocalypticism, and alchemical speculation.
The Chymistry of Isaac Newton" project team has just announced the release of 23 edited alchemical manuscripts written by Isaac Newton.
There will also be free health- oriented workshops in yoga, tai chi, movement, nutrition, women's health, metaphysics, alchemical healing and wellness in the Atrium Building's conference rooms.
The 141 poems of Mihyar, though alchemical, like Adonis's later poetry, are unlike his later work in that they are deeply lyrical.
Alchemical transmutation was more about perfecting the human soul than about chemical reactions.
This will be confusing for any who didn't read the first installment, but should have readers awaiting the promised 3rd book, which is foreshadowed by Korby's next "assignment" to find the Yehillon (he doesn't even know if a Yehillon is "a man, a religion, a family, an alchemical formula, a philosophy, a legend .
Ghostwalk" is a fictional examination of that possibility, as a historian of Newton's university centuries later is found drowned, with her work on Newton's alchemical endeavors left incomplete.
In combining many different elements from Kabbalism to alchemical currents, SECRET HISTORY OF WESTERN SEXUAL MYSTICISM offers up a unique set of cross-connections essential to connecting spirituality with religious history.
From the delights he serves here, it's obvious that from the cradle he was steeped in the culinary ethos that demands nothing less than the finest ingredients cooked with a clairvoyant's timing and sauced with an artfulness that verges on the alchemical.
Basing his analysis on a close examination of key texts, Newman traces a tradition of alchemical theory and experimentation from the Summa Perfectionis of the Latin alchemist Geber in the thirteenth century through Robert Boyle's (1627-91) theory of matter, for which he invented the name "the mechanical philosophy.
An open-air theatre piece, The Dragon's Brood: an Alchemical Pantomime, has been commissioned for the occasion.