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related to or concerned with alchemy


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He does not justify Newton's alchemical research as part of a religious search for God in the physical world, nor does he argue that Newton studied alchemy to learn about gravitational attraction.
Chapter 1 offers a critical investigation of Caterina Sforza's wide-ranging manuscript Experimenti, with over 400 recipes for a host of medical, alchemical, or cosmetic purposes.
The archetypal pattern of "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" [Rime] is also alchemical. Alchemy and psychology are inter-related in a mysterious manner which Haven describes in the following words while referring to Boehme's concept of both:
Listed as book 2 in the Alchemy series, which follows an ancient alchemical manual as it changes hands, Alchemy's Daughter comes after Nonna's Book of Mysteries, but is in fact a prequel, separated from the first book by generations.
Intensifying the novel's postmodern edge, Digby's thoughts are occasionally bombarded by 20th-century phenomena: He hears Joy Division at a courtly dance, quotes Neil Armstrong as he scans the heavens and perceives computer code in an alchemical text.
He recognizes that modern readers can struggle to understand the intensity of spiritual or religious beliefs of earlier times and that a fuller understanding of this aspect of alchemical practice awaits further scholarship.
To the popular mind, alchemy is synonymous with the activity of charlatans making outlandish claims about transmuting baser metals into noble metals such as gold, of endless secretive and futile searches for the "Philosophers' Stone," or of activities involving the invocation of supernatural vitalistic and theological principles in the preparation of alchemical elixirs.
This mythology served to locate Dickey in the cosmos, secure his place in society, and shape Dickey as an individual through the alchemical process of transmutation.
After addressing the influence of alchemical ideas in Balzac's pre-Comedie humaine novels, Clotilde de Lusignan and L'Elixir de longue vie, Baron convincingly argues that, in La Recherche de l'absolu, Balzac saw himself as a literary alchemist who like Balthazar Claes confronts the mysteries of existence and seeks to discover their secrets.
Mann blends, as he explains, "ancient alchemical technologies with hard, modern quantum physics to lay bare the daily crucifixion of our body energy antennae, distorted by our religions, beliefs and sexuality."
Verse and transmutation; a corpus of Middle English alchemical poetry (critical editions and studies).
Firebombing of the British Museum by demons destroys the alchemical exhibits in the Enlightenment Gallery and sets the stage for Demian's demands that will require alchemists, faeries, and elves to collaborate by helping Donna recreate the Philosopher's Stone within an impossible forty-eight hours.
Those poems might be like these poems, evocative in every way of their namesake: trickster god of lyric poetry, alchemical mystical principle, nineteenth-century cure for venereal disease, thermometer's measure, messenger and gambler, childhood plaything that poisons the child who cannot help but touch it.
In fact, this juxtaposition of the esoteric alchemical pursuit of perfection and one of the most traditional and fundamental roles in the female domain aptly reflects the notions of gender which are at the heart of the book.
David Leventhal, who recently retired from performing with Mark Morris Dance Group after 14 years, dances with an alchemical blend of precision, muscularity, and intelligence.