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related to or concerned with alchemy


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The term elixir has at least four different meanings according to dictionary definitions: It can refer to (1) a cure-all, (2) a sweet medium concealing the taste of a bitter medicine, (3) an alchemic preparation capable of transmuting base metals into gold, and (4) an alchemic potion that revitalizes or prolongs life.
Miners had to deal with the paradoxes and magic of the alchemic capitalism of the diamond industry.
Treat yourself to a choccie blow-dry using Davines' colour-enhancing Alchemic Chocolate Shampoo, PS14.
Treat yourself to a choccie blow-dry using Davines' colourenhancing Alchemic Chocolate Shampoo, PS14.
Marketing departments with little knowledge and no interest in understanding the alchemic actuarial arts brushed aside the Actuaries as "sterile statisticians" or ridiculed their assumptions as unrealistic and unacceptable in an era when growth in market share and cash flow had become the new religion.
The difference is a result of the barramundi's alchemic ability, stemming from its living in fresh and salt waters, to chemically elongate ingested short-chain fatty acids.
Even Nepal's Lok Chitrakar's deceptively simple Kamala (Lotus, 2012) bear an alchemic dark side, the silver degrading into darkness with each passing hour.
As different as their approaches to art making may be, the combination of work by these two artists is truly alchemic.
Burned during purification rites and added to meats as a central feature of Germanic cuisines, this coniferous plant featured prominently in alchemic and medicinal processes.
The smooth nutty flavor of the goat cheese is offset by the tangy sweetness of cranberries, and the combination of these flavors is downright alchemic.
For Ulrich Beck in particular, this ideological grid is also the primary conduit for the second modernity and its alchemic social compound of negative and unintended consequences.
Whatever that extra alchemic factor is has been fully captured here.
This legendary alchemic stone was thought to have been carried out of Eden by Eve.
The suggestion that you "have to leave things to chance on the belief that it will come good in some crazy alchemic way" does nothing to ease my dis- quiet.
As she speaks about their story you can see signs of the alchemic process that turned pain and suffering into action.