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related to or concerned with alchemy


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As much as Niki and the Dove feels like something different--Dahlstrom has never sounded so strong, Karlof 's keys so rich--the band's newfound fullness is an alchemic revision of their past work, rather than a departure.
The house still contains the concentrated power of its past events and inhabitants so that, as Susana Onega suggests, it functions as "a huge transdimensional door" (29) in which the black, white, green and red doors stand for the alchemic colours of the quaternarvis, that is, for the four constitutive elements of earth, air, water and fire, and its three storeys--underground, at ground level and above ground--may replicate the cosmic levels of ternarvis, as well as their human equivalents, body, soul and spirit.
At the second island, the crew discover a pool which can turn anything into gold, including a greedy predecessor who became overly zealous to prove this alchemic miracle.
For instance, "No matter what he was given to record, he gave his best in return, and his alchemic ability to turn dross into gold was undiminished.
The reach of ideologies and religions are subverted by bewildering couplings and rogue unions, as alchemic possibilities follow on from the transgressive use of rituals that are fundamentally performative.
Part of the aura which cloaked the great beasts of the financial elite came from the fact their supposedly alchemic acts were incomprehensible to the common man or woman.
But to be convincing, the argument would have to be premised on some sort of utilitarian formula, not the alchemic conversion of legal fictions into demonstrable facts.
38) Although divining congressional intent after the fact can be an alchemic and uncertain process, there is myriad evidence in the legislative history that the only purposes of the amendment were to reverse Bailey and to treat criminals who use guns while committing their crimes more harshly than those who do not.
It charges down 6 lines of "when" to arrive at the octave's beginning and the alchemic ":" that serves as "then.
There is enough data proving how women's groups around the world have an alchemic effect on the money they receive, leveraging relatively small amounts many times over to create remarkable and lasting transformation.
According to Bahjat Rizk, the cultural attache of the permanent delegation of Lebanon to UNESCO, the stunning combination of Eastern and Western inspiration in the show was not only reflective of Gibran's spirit, but also the spirit of Lebanon, where "the fusion of East and West is alchemic, creating somethingAa unique and beautiful that cannot be found elsewhere.
Given the forced choice of Proposition 71, a majority of the citizens of California, believing money could accelerate the alchemic process whereby basic research yields medical treatments, voted to cure diabetes and defeat Alzheimer's.
Only by formulating it, however, will the intelligence community find the analytical "sweet-spot" that resides somewhere between the prevailing perceptions, which are antagonistic (art or science) on the one hand and alchemic (wizardry and scientism) on the other.
Whatever the business posturing in the biofuel business, if cellulosic ethanol production can be perfected or algae can be harnessed to its potential, the patents on such technology may as well be alchemic as far as turning R&D into profits.
Grateful living: an alchemic operation of converting 'disgraceful' things into grateful events.