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Synonyms for alchemic

related to or concerned with alchemy


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Several other times during the enforcement campaign, crowds spontaneously coalesced, alchemic moments when collective worry transmuted into outrage.
THE POWER OF THE CRITIC IS A PARADOX: THEY WIELD MERE words in the face of alchemic artistry, rubbernecking and scribbling around the work of creation.
It's an alchemic process starting with what is growing in the dark, bringing it into light and language.
Let's be honest, it could all mean anything you want and unless you squint a bit, suspend disbelief and have a PhD-level working knowledge of post-Renaissence colloloquial Latin it all comes down to the same heady alchemic cocktail of gullibility and wishful thinking that makes advertising work and ensures the prolific annual sales of Olde Scrofula's Almanac.
Ray critiques sixteenth-century Italian books of secrets or alchemic sexual remedies.
His diverse and humorous essays become as delicately layered as the alchemic blending of fine Rhone Valley style wines.
Less known today is the Lutheran pastor Andreae who conceived his alchemic Rosicrucian Christianopolis.
The second victim is the alchemist Lutzius, who had discovered the alchemic symbol of the Green Lion.
Nietzsche advocates not eradication or censure but instead 'spiritualization' --an alchemic process possible only when one is able to play freely and fearlessly with these 'magnificent monsters,' rather than chastising them as sinful, abnormal or 'inauthentic'.
Miners had to deal with the paradoxes and magic of the alchemic capitalism of the diamond industry.
The term elixir has at least four different meanings according to dictionary definitions: It can refer to (1) a cure-all, (2) a sweet medium concealing the taste of a bitter medicine, (3) an alchemic preparation capable of transmuting base metals into gold, and (4) an alchemic potion that revitalizes or prolongs life.
Treat yourself to a choccie blow-dry using Davines' colour-enhancing Alchemic Chocolate Shampoo, PS14.15, and Conditioner, PS18.05 (cult
Treat yourself to a choccie blow-dry using Davines' colourenhancing Alchemic Chocolate Shampoo, PS14.15, and Conditioner, PS18.05 (cult
Marketing departments with little knowledge and no interest in understanding the alchemic actuarial arts brushed aside the Actuaries as "sterile statisticians" or ridiculed their assumptions as unrealistic and unacceptable in an era when growth in market share and cash flow had become the new religion.