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a mayor or chief magistrate of a Spanish town

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Alcalde said the number of fires is atypical for the area, and the team is trying to determine whether they're the result of tinder-dry conditions that have fueled the region's extreme wildfire season or something more nefarious.
Mark Johnston's Alcalde shoulders top-weight in the pounds 16,000 Buttonhook Stakes, which has been brought forward from September.
El segundo capitulo de Alcalde se ocupa de estudiar la imagen de la mujer que recrea la novelista, la cual habilmente disena ficciones cuyas protagonistas operan como referentes de su propia labor literaria.
George Bush is the president of the United States, not the alcalde of North America.
Andreia Alcalde, an analyst at Banco Brascan, told Reuters that there should not be any surprises, as the company has already said how many aircraft were delivered during the period.
40) The day for an escribano customarily began between 7:00-8:00 in the morning in one of the local jails where he reviewed the Libro de entradas (Book of Admissions) for prisoners who had been arrested on the previous day by order of his magistrate or by his alcalde de barrio.
March 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Senator Larry Pressler, a twenty- two year veteran of the United States Congress, has joined Alcalde & Fay as a Partner, Hector Alcalde announced today.
Spanish drama and its problems are discussed by Richard Pym, author, most recently, of "Telling Histories: Trends in Historical Criticism and Some Notes on El alcalde de Zalamea" in Journal of the Institute of Romance Studies, while Ming drama is discussed by Grant Shen, whose most recent work in this field is "Acting in the Private Theatre of the Ming Dynasty," Asian Theatre Journal 19 (2002): 64-86.
CASE FACTS: In 1996, Ellen Alcalde was hospitalized at Fallston General Hospital after suffering respiratory failure, tracheal separation, and pneumonia.
Deal, who was previously playcaller with Vanderbilt University Commodores, succeeds Vince Alcalde.
But as the Claymores began preparations this week for the 2000 season, offensive co-ordinator Vince Alcalde revealed: "It's not out of the question that Dameyune could be back with us.
Labor lawyers Arturo Alcalde Justiniani of the Asociacion Nacional de Abogados Democraticos (ANAD) and Hector Barba, who works closely with the UNT, both expressed some reservations about the court decision, which they said could be used by employers to push workers not to affiliate with any union.
The group of plays discussed in chapter 2 similarly support the division of heroic from unheroic behavior along lines of social hierarchy: Calderon's La vida es sueno and Lope de Vega's El villano en su rincon and El mejor alcalde, el rey.
This public announcement stated that the alcalde of the town had declared war against the witch of Amboto.
After more than 11 years of distinguished service to the Bank, Jose Miguel Alcalde will step down as Chief Country Officer of Deutsche Bank Chile, a position which he has held since April 2006.