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a mayor or chief magistrate of a Spanish town

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Esa actitud privada --sin mascaras-- del alcalde, puede llevamos a una peligrosa sentencia: la sinceridad (ausencia de hipocresia) del militar, porque no asume ningun papel y porque se comporta tal y como es.
Politics have helped, says Alcalde. "Our caviar is not viewed in the U.S.
Finally, the escribano accompanied his judge or alcalde de barrio on the evening neighborhood patrols (rond as), where in the course of recording any arrests and other judicial actions they occasionally were exposed to life-threatening situations.
Alcalde allegedly sped off towards C-4 Road after the incident but was later apprehended by police along Samson Road in Caloocan City after a chase.
Forest Service spokeswoman and Oakridge Fire Chief Albert Alcalde.
8 May 2012 - Manuel Irarrazaval is to replace Jose Miguel Alcalde as chief county officer of Deutsche Bank Chile, in effect from 15 June, the German parent of the Chilean lender said on Monday.