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the presence of excessive protein (chiefly albumin but also globulin) in the urine


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A recent meta-analysis of studies in diabetic nephropathy concluded that dual blockade was more efficacious for reduction of albuminuria in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, but the meta-analysis included only three studies in type 1 DM patients (9).
2000) reported that exercise training significantly improved metabolic control and reduced albuminuria in diabetic rats.
The rates of retinopathy, albuminuria, neuropathic complaints and abnormal neurologic examination are shown in Table 2.
1) A randomized control trial with N = 121, with follow-up at six and 12 months, shows that protein restriction decreased albuminuria by 28% and 18%, respectively.
Patients were divided into 3 groups based on amount of albuminuria: Group 1--patients with no signs of albuminuria (16 men, 34 women, mean age 51 [+ or -] 11 years); Group 2--patients with microalbuminuria (15 men, 35 women, mean age 52 [+ or -] 9 years); Group 3--patients with macroalbuminuria (14 men, 26 women, mean age 56?
In addition to dietary modifications, lipid-lowering statins are effective in reducing cholesterol and albuminuria, and can be used safely in patients with mild renal insufficiency; but without clinical trial evidence, it remains unclear whether statin therapy can decrease progression of renal decline in this population.
Brosius also pointed out albuminuria, high levels of the protein albumin in the urine, is also associated with an increased risk for CVD.
In the DCCT, which was stopped a year early due to the substantial difference that emerged between groups, intensive insulin therapy reduced the risk for development of retinopathy by 76%, of microalbuminuria by 39%, of albuminuria by 54%, and of clinical neuropathy by 60%.
In a 2003 study of 386 patients with type 1 diabetes, individuals with albuminuria who obtained early diagnosis through frequent screening and maintained very good levels of blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol actually promoted the healing process and, in some cases, reversed kidney complications.
Kramer points out that kidney failure can begin even before diabetic retinopathy (eye problems) or albuminuria (albumin in the urine) appears.
Prediction of hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidaemia or albuminuria using simple anthropometric indexes in Hong Kong Chinese.
Although cloudy urine had been discovered long before, Bright unified the stories of kidney disease, dropsy (generalized edema), and albuminuria.
Even now, 1,000 babies and several mothers die each year from the complications of pre-eclampsia - development of a high blood pressure with albuminuria (the finding of protein in the urine), or persistent swelling in hands and feet.
Because of anuria, urine cultures were not possible, and albuminuria could not be tested.
NOX-E36, an anti-CCL2/MCP-1 (C-C chemokine ligand 2 / Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein-1) Spiegelmer([R]), is currently in a Phase IIa study in patients with type 2 diabetes with albuminuria.