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a simple water-soluble protein found in many animal tissues and liquids

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Cases and observations illustrative of renal disease accompanied with the secretion of albuminous urine.
Then turning round its body, by the aid of its posterior and narrow pair of pincers, it extracts the white albuminous substance.
Later he published tabulated details of many cases of albuminous urine that had been treated by his group (41, 42).
The cloudiness could be caused by albuminous matter (especially if the wine was low in alcohol content) which is hard to get rid of, but also may be "mother of vinegar," which is good if you want vinegar.
The use of paper chromatography to determine the age of albuminous binders and its application to rock paintings, South African Journal of Science Special Publication 2: 80-83.
The Dutch physician-chemist, Gerrit Jan Mulder (1802-1880), whose interests included nutrition and agricultural chemistry, attempted to fashion this new idea to the study of albuminous substances to gain a more definitive characterization.
It consisted of 2 papers entitled "Cases and Observations, Illustrative of Renal Disease Accompanied With the Secretion of Albuminous Urine" and "Tabular Views of the Morbid Appearances in 100 Cases Connected With Albuminous Urine With Observations.