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a simple water-soluble protein found in many animal tissues and liquids

the white part of an egg

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Considering this scenario, the present study aimed to develop a mixed smoothie drink (beverage) using the solid albumen of the green coconut in its composition.
Egg quality parameters results, such as shape index, albumen index, yolk index and egg yolk color were not altered by dietary MMS.
In these samples (fifteen eggs per group, eggs were one day old) were investigated external and internal egg quality parameters: egg weight, egg shape index, albumen share, yolk share, shell share, albumen height, Haugh unit and yolk colour.
Egg production, egg weight, albumen height and Haugh units were not affected by adding 15% BSLM to the commercial diet.
The results obtained here demonstrated the significant increases in shell thickness among declawed treatments and yolk color in group 2 compared with intact control, but no differences were detected in shell strength, shell color, egg shape index, shell weight, egg weights, percentage of yolk, albumen height and Haugh units.
The albumen and yolk were mixed together, and a level of 14 [micro]g or 0.28 mg/kg (28 [micro]g/ dL), assuming an egg weight of 50 g, was detected in the sample.
The same eggs were then used to evaluate the components, which were obtained by weight of the yolk, albumen and shell in relation to the weight of the egg.
The heights of the thick albumen and egg yolk were measured using an egg quality gauge (FHK NFR3, Ozaki Manufacturing, Japan), and the Haugh unit (HU) was calculated using the formula 100 log(h - 1.7[w.sup.0.37] .6), where h is the height of the albumen (mm) and w is the weight of the egg (g).
That happens because the heat has to go through the egg white, or albumen, before it reaches the more heat-tolerant, nutrient-rich yolk, where Salmonella bacteria like to grow.
Females were classified with imposex observing the ovarian, albumen, ingestive and capsule glands, vagina, vas deferens, pseudopenis and penis duct of males and females.
The techniques in question are albumen prints ( which uses the albumen found in egg whites to bind the photographic chemicals to the paper) and cyanotype prints ( which uses two chemicals to produce a simple copy).
A A calf's stomach B A sturgeon's swim bladder C Albumen (egg white) D A sheep's gall bladder QUESTION 15 - for 15 points: Bizet's opera The Pearl Fishers is set on which island?
Albumen % was significantly higher in Mushki (61.83) variety (Pless than 0.05) while yolk % was significantly higher in Mianwali (59.36) variety of Aseel (Pless than 0.05) whereas yolk index showed non-significant (Pgreater than 0.05) difference in Naked-neck and all varieties of Aseel.
As far as the egg quality is concerned Usman Basheer Akram and Zahoor [13] reported that significantly higher shell % was observed in Peshawari Aseel (13.570.53) Albumen % in Mushki Aseel (61.830.49) yolk % in Mianwali Aseel (31.280.7) Haugh Unit score in Peshawari Aseel (81.951.12) and non-significant differences in yolk index among different varieties of Aseel.