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a simple water-soluble protein found in many animal tissues and liquids

the white part of an egg

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05) were detected in egg weight, yolk percentage, albumen percentage, shell percentage, yolk height and albumen height.
After breaking the eggs; removing the albumen, yolk, and shell membrane; and rinsing the shell in tap water and drying it, the eggshell thickness at three points, the equator, blunt end, and sharp end, was measured using an eggshell thickness gauge (FHK FN-595, Ozaki Manufacturing, Japan) and the values were averaged.
Albumen index = Albumen height (mm) / [albumen height (mm) + albumen width (mm)] x 100 (Heiman and Carver, 1936),
The albumen gland is located on the ventral right side, prior to the kidney.
The yolk (30-33%), albumen (60%) and the shell (9-12%) are the main components of an egg (Stadelman, 1995).
In the case of the albumen prints, where refrigeration is also involved, the added difficulty here is the fact that the chemicals are transparent and there is no guarantee of how the chemicals have spread over the paper.
Ahmad Muhammad Hussain Iqbal Usman Rehman and Hussnain [21] observed non-significant differences in the shell % yolk index egg shape index and albumen height of three production cycles of Peshawari Aseel.
This workshop is for creative people of all disciplines who want to expand on their visualizing possibilities, explore new options and inspire new directions, and learn to make cyanotypes - salt prints - vandyke brown and albumen prints with your digital photos.
If you say something straightforward you run the risk of looking a bit of a dim bulb but risk talking in corporate speak and you could end up with an organic albumen and yolk mixture on your face.
TUNNOCK'S SNOWBALLS INGREDIENTS Sugar, glucose syrup, vegetable oil, skimmed milk powder, egg, albumen crystals, whey power (from milk), fat reduced cocoa powder, emulsifier-soya lecithin (E322), salt, vanillin, wheat flour and raising agent (sodium bicarbonate), desiccated coconut (16%).
Before they were cropped, the albumen prints (14 x 10 cm) were likely mounted on large studio cards to produce cabinet cards.
That makes this very early albumen 'photograph of a Southern African, hunting expedition one of the earliest known pictures of hunting tourism in Africa.
Chapters cover chemical safety, materials and techniques, digital negaitves, fugitive (non-fixed and semi-fixed) printing, cyanotypes, salt and albumen prints, Van Dyke brown/kallitype/argyrotypes, platinum and palladium prints, wet plate collodion, liquid emulsion, gum printing, transfers and other ideas, and printing on ceramics.