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Synonyms for album

Synonyms for album

one or more recordings issued together


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a book of blank pages with pockets or envelopes

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All of them looked at each other, saying nothing, and began to look at Anna's album.
She hesitated; her colour came and went, and her hand stole back again to the little album.
She stopped; her colour heightened, and the fingers of the hand that rested upon the album beat gently on the margin of the drawing, as if her memory had set them going mechanically with the remembrance of a favourite tune.
The hand on the album resigned its hold, trembled a little, and moved the book away from her.
Cecily, determined to do her duty even in the face of such fearful odds as Great-aunt Eliza's deafness, dragged a ponderous, plush- covered album from its corner and proceeded to display and explain the family photographs.
Erskine's color deepened, and he moved away to the table where the albums lay.
said Trefusis, deftly opening one of the albums at a photograph of a loathsome room.
The record company chose to record the album live in the subway, ambient commuter train noises and all.
Many of these songs were written while I was waiting for the first album to come out, so I was so eager to make it and put it out.
Last year saw an album by a Canadian record company with lots of Canadian content move quickly to the upper her of Christmas albums by virtue its variety, demographic appeal, and overall musical strength.
Cool J followed his impressive first single with an equally impressive debut album that he named simply, Radio.
This album has all the facets of us, and some new ones," lead singer Fran Healy explains.
Many of the winners were no-shows at the afternoon presentations, inducing the occasional quip from presenters (Best Polka Album winner Jimmy Sturr, a 15-time winner, was ``probably out polka-ing,'' said the Jars of Clay band member who accepted the award on Sturr's behalf.
Siblings are all over the category for best contemporary soul gospel album.