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any of various plants of the genus Albuca having large clusters of pale yellow flowers

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Albuca nelsonii grow well in dry shade rockeries as well as in pots, although they may become pot bound after a time.
Geraniaceae Erodium Hamamelidaceae (b) Hamamelis, Corylopsis, Loropetalum, Hyacinthaceae Albuca Hydnoraceae Prosopanche Hydrocharitaceae Lagarosiphon Johnsoniaceae Hodgsoniola Lepuropetalaceae Lepuropetalon Loasaceae Mentzelia sect.
minor (HK 1969-17999), Aechmea anomala (HK 197-73-01789), Albuca abyssinica (HK 1974-3608), Allium subhirsutum (HK 1989-3209), Aloe jucunda (HK 1993-2368), A.
Development of the embryo sac and endosperm of Albuca transvalensis Moss-Verdoorn.