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Albizzia lebbeck pods, Groundnut shells have been procured from Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology campus and local market respectively.
The most common species are honeyeaters, which feed on the nectar from the albizzia trees, brush cuckoo, brown-breasted gerygone, black-headed whistler and the superb and raggiana bird of paradise, which is the national emblem of Papua New Guinea and is depicted on Sigri coffee sacks.
GAM assistant director Awatof Akour said that suitable kinds of trees to be planted on the sidewalks, including elms, linden trees, Robinia, crape myrtle, Melia, Grevillea and Albizzia, adding "no more olive trees, which have short trunks that block the walk ways, and are highly toxic making them unfit form human consumption.
The volatile constituents of the flowers of the 'silk tree', Albizzia julibrissin.
Other ingredients include ginseng to increase stamina and recovery, cinnamon bark to "warm the lower extremities", lycium fruit, Chinese date, Chinese raspberry and albizzia flower.
1 Acalypha macrostachya 1 Jacquin Aegiphila mollis Moldenke Albizzia carbonaria 1 1 Britton Alchornea glandulosa 18 1 Endlicher & Poepp.
Near the volcanic crater, almost 6,000 feet above sea level, coffee grows in the shade of Albizzia trees, absorbing rainfall, nitrogen from fallen leaves, and minerals from the rich volcanic soil.