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a widely distributed feldspar that forms rocks

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Their mineral assemblage is quartz + graphite + muscovite + chlorite + plagioclase (Albite) [+ or -] biotite.
The PLS1 technique was employed to create chemometric models for the determination of minerals (chlorite, muscovite, albite and quartz) in claystones and clay shales.
Lower down in the zone, Joe collected beautiful groups of deep green microcline crystals (including some "whitecaps") to 6 cm individually, with smaller crystals of smoky quartz, albite and pale violet fluorite.
Average mineral composition of fresh semi-coke and the same material hydrated sampled after two weeks of hydration under ambient conditions, wt%; tr.--traces Material Quartz K-feldspar Albite Illite+ Smectite Fresh 13.6 18.6 tr.
In addition to white mica, the matrix consists of K-feldspar, albite, and quartz with less opaque minerals than in FO0016.
The occurrence of tantalite associated with secondary albite, in part of cleavelandite habit, is typical of Ta-Nb mineralization within the pegmatite.
The most promising coal gangue intermediate CSi-4 was further activated by the addition of [Na.sub.2]C[O.sub.3]; most of the Kaolinite ([Al.sub.2][Si.sub.2][O.sub.5][(OH).sub.4]) and Quartz (Si[O.sub.2]) can be transferred to albite (NaAlSi3O8) and nepheline (Na3KAl4Si4O16) phase or analogs, as shown in Figure 4, which could be dissolved in an aqueous acidic solution.
The presence of chlorite epidote actinolite and albite suggest that the rocks have passed through low grade metamorphism.
In the standard porcelain tile recipe (recipe-S) local kaolins were replaced with a Ukrainian kaolin (recipe-U) while keeping their total amount and the amounts of the other ingredients (local albite and Ukrainian clay) the same.
The X-ray powder diffraction patterns for the starting materials are shown in Figure 4, revealing high-intensity reflections attributed to quartz and kaolinite, although they also showed the presence of albite, crystoballite and tridymite.
The most recent holes drilled at Blind Pew to the south have also shown an increased level of silicification and albite alteration, with the abundance of disseminated sulphides increasing.
This reveals two different amounts of (recalculated) albite and quartz in the PTP-4a protolith granite.
However, a very small number are lined with attractive combinations of stilbite, heulandite, albite and calcite crystals.