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a widely distributed feldspar that forms rocks

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The plagioclase is commonly zoned, at places oscillatory, with much altered cores containing white mica and zoisite granules, and ranges from sodic andesine to albite.
2]) can be transferred to albite (NaAlSi3O8) and nepheline (Na3KAl4Si4O16) phase or analogs, as shown in Figure 4, which could be dissolved in an aqueous acidic solution.
The correlation analysis detected a relationship between calcite and albite of -0.
Some samples of these granites contain also low, but highly variable amounts of albite and potassium feldspar.
The schists and quartz-schists (Esquistos Grises de Punta Claditas and Esquistos Grises de la Gruta, after Rebolledo and Charrier, 1994) consist of quartz, white-mica, chlorite, albite and garnet (Grt1 [+ or -] Grt2), with tourmaline, epidote, apatite, zircon, titanite, ilmenite and rutile as accessory minerals.
They were identified as Cristita Davin, 54; Nickson Albite, 40; Yoyoy Barlaan, 45; Wenceslao Pamulagan, 53; Agustin Alcain, 63; Danilo Marson, and Jovencio Davin, all from Barangay Cabantog in Argao town.
Gold mineralisation is associated with pyrrhotite and pyrite replacement of magnetite within zones of silica and albite alteration of the BIF.
Slightly higher Na2O content in some samples is attributed to the occurrence of albite.
The alteration consists primarily of a hematite, carbonate, albite, and sericite assemblage with the presence of pyrite being a strong indicator of the gold mineralization.
com)-- Gem Hsin, master of cool design and creative products, has launched the new Albite LED Home Lighting Series, featuring a floor lamp, wall lamp and ceiling lamp: albite.
Muestras SI53M2B SI53M2A Fases Montmorillonite [13-135] [13-135] Clinochlore [29-701] [29-701] Muscovite [7-42] [7-42] Amphibole [73-1135] Quartz [[86-1628] [86-1628] Albite [78-1995] [78-1995] Tabla 2: Parametros hiperfinos de los minerales identificados en la parte bruta y en la fraccion arcillosa.
The most pervasively altered samples look as a criptocrystalline mass with clay minerals and amorphous silica, while samples moderately altered show relictic forms of preexisting minerals as plagioclase and pyroxenes, these minerals were replaced by kaolinite, albite and some other unidentified clay minerals in thin section, by XRD was possible to identify clay minerals using the methodology described by Thorez, J.
In the mica group, Luis had beautiful, dark bown to almost black muscovite roses on albite from the Xanda mine, Virgem da Lapa, Minas Gerais, Brazil.
However garnet [9], albite [10], quartz [11] & Glass fibre [12] reinforced Al Composites exhibited higher corrosion resistance compared to their matrix alloys.