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a person with congenital albinism: white hair and milky skin

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Reportamos observaciones de individuos albinos en tres especies de aves peruanas, el Zambullidor Grande (Podiceps major), el Pelicano peruano (Pelecanus thagus) y el Churrete cordillerano (Cinclodes fuscus).
SCIENTISTS have been carrying out experiments on a back garden pond in West Wales after rare albino tadpoles were found there.
Sometimes, word spreads around that body parts of people with certain physical attributes like bald people or albinos contribute greatly to attaining quick prosperity," Kikwete said in a monthly state of the nation speech late on Wednesday.
The movie, out on Boxing Day, is based on the same novel as 70s thriller The Omega Man but features zombies rather than albinos as the bad guys.
Los albinos tambien pueden tener el pelo de color blanco o amarillo palido.
Q: I understand you are helping build a clinic and school for albinos in Mali.
Spinks said albinos in other films such as Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire reinforced the stereotype.
He's a dermatologist in the Bay Area who wishes the movie biz would sLop portraying albinos as vicious killers, as with the albino monk Silas in "Da Vinci," played by Paul Bettany.
Most albinos have normal-coloured eyes, bills and legs, but their feathers have no colour pigmentation making them completely white.
Few albinos born in the wild survive long enough to breed.
For they are albinos - members of one of the animal world's most exclusive clubs.
2) did not detect such transients from albinos developing in calcium-free medium.
Rights group Amnesty International said the horrific killing highlights the failure by Malawi's authorities to protect albinos.
Coyle said for red-tailed hawks, among which there are many albinos, the trait works in their favor.
Last year, your society called a press conference to protest against the Bukuruwa issue where the chief called for the ostracisation of albinos, what was the reaction?