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a person with congenital albinism: white hair and milky skin

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The GFF's collaboration with Patricia Willocq started with Project Blanc Ebene, which endeavoured to alter the public's perception of the Albino population.
They are also pictured with other helpers and albinos on Ukerewe Island, below |albino child and, left, John and Chris Philip of Mirfield Rotary Club who have flown to Tanzania to help ease the plight of albinos.
To my knowledge, albino squirrels are rare,'' she said.
Currently, the Tashkent Zoo has four kangaroos, one of which is gray and other three are albinos.
THE founder of a hedgehog rescue centre in Northumberland has said she was amazed to receive two rare albinos into her care after waiting years to see one.
Deer biologists report one fawn in every 20,000 to 30,000 annual births is a true albino; some all-white animals are not really albinos, having dark eyes and other characteristics of typical deer.
Happyhogs have welcomed a trio of baby hoglets, two of which are rare albinos
Evidence gathered over the last 40 years shows that albinos in tropical parts of Africa and Central America, where people are constantly exposed to high levels of the sun's ultraviolet radiation, frequently develop skin cancer and die young, says biologist Mel Greaves of the Institute of Cancer Research in London.
They soon find that Alasiri is a poacher and will poach anything for money: elephants for their tusks or albinos for their hair, skin and legs, which are sought-after good luck charms in the Lake District.
Earlier this year Brian Alderton, founder of the British Traditional Molecatchers Register, confirmed albinos were extremely rare - one in 100,000 - after a 17-year-old farmer's son caught one near Carmarthen.
Despite being an albino, snowflake fathered 22 offspring that were non-albinos as the primate mated with females with no albinism.
Summary: Jakaya Kikwete: UN human rights chief Navi Pillay condemned Tuesday attacks on albinos in Tanzania .
All the members have pale skin, white hair and poor vision, a side effect of being albinos.
I am warning albinos to not accept people who are pretending they want to help you to secure a job, while they are looking to make some money by selling you," he said.
Salif Keita IS different from most Africans, in that he is albino and has suffered for it, as have other albinos throughout Africa.