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a person with congenital albinism: white hair and milky skin

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They soon find that Alasiri is a poacher and will poach anything for money: elephants for their tusks or albinos for their hair, skin and legs, which are sought-after good luck charms in the Lake District.
Out of more than five million grey squirrels in the UK, only one in 100,000 is born albino - making the all-white creature with pink eyes one of only 50 in Britain.
It is believed to be a world record for an albino wels catfish, having been verified by Catmaster Tours, which organised the trip.
A PEST controller has beaten odds of one in 100,000 by catching an albino mole.
Scientists have revealed that inbreeding was the reason behind the white colouring of the famous albino gorilla that lived in a Barcelona Zoo until 2003.
Summary: Two rare albino lion cubs have been filmed at a zoo in the Ukraine where they were born.
TWO albino pet rats were found abandoned in a plastic bin.
London, Mar 27 ( ANI ): A Pakistani origin Muslim clan from England has been found to be the world's biggest albino family, and not the Pullan family from India, as it was reported earlier this month.
Such luck proved true again for Albino in Kissimmee, Fla.
A drug was found to increase melanin production in albino mice.
AWARD-WINNING Icelandic film Noi the Albino will be screened at 9pm tonight at the Bahrain Cinema Club, Juffair.
At almost 14 stones, it is the biggest albino catfish ever caught on a rod and line.
Tokyo: A rare albino dolphin has been captured by Japanese fishermen, said a campaign group staging a protest against the sale or slaughter of the creatures.
To my knowledge, albino squirrels are rare,'' she said.
An albino kangaroo of Bennett's tree-kangaroo family was born in Tashkent Zoo, reported the press service of the zoo.