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Synonyms for albinistic

of or pertaining to or affected by albinism

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Welsing, Eurasians manifest a psychic reaction to the reality of their self-discovery of being genetically white, an albinistic condition, as against the theretofore norm of hueman, eventuates into a full-blown "Social Dynamic of Racism (White Supremacy) (1974, 35, 1991, 11).
Similar to Shackleton's (1985) report, McCardle (2012) did not include any records of white, albinistic, or leucistic bighorn sheep in a much more recent review.
The propensity to incorrectly categorize all white (or light colored), or partially white, animals as albinistic or leucestic has been pointed out (Jones 1920; van Grouw 2006; Jung and Slough 2012).
(1983) five dorsal skin patterns have been documented among Southern Right whales: black, white-blaze, grey-balke, grey-and-whyte-blaze and partially albinistic. Partially albino right whales are white as calves but darken and become grey or brownish-grey as they age.
An observation of a partially albinistic Zenaida macroura (Mourning Dove).
We also considered the appearance of a partially albinistic or leucistic individual, as well as sexually dimorphic plumage traits of these species, for comparison with the potential hybrid.
White tigers are a colour morph of the tiger, caused by the recessive gene 'chinchilla albinistic'.
Dave Manley, from Trowbridge, Cardiff, on the other hand, says he is convinced the bird is an albinistic hedge sparrow.