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prince consort of Queen Victoria of England (1819-1861)

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Alberts installed roads and other infrastructure and carved out lots, but in the process ran into a major headache: In December 2006, rocks and soil underneath part of the newly built Forest Ridge Drive began sliding down the hillside toward a neighborhood off South 67th Street.
In one court filing, Alberts said the landslide fiasco would cost him $1.
At 83, Alberts falls in the category of people who auto safety experts now say are most vulnerable to injuries and fatalities caused by air bags - the elderly and the very young.
But for Alberts that is not so clear, a point he plans to make when his lawsuit against Acura maker Honda goes to trial.
Kelly Alberts was the only choice to fill the positions of President and COO at IT&E.
Clem and Donna Albert of Eugene celebrated 50 years of marriage with an open house Sept.
Commenting on his appointment Alberts said, "With the quality of our existing software applications, the experience of our development group, the strength of our strategic alliances and the breadth of our other information technology service capabilities, I have confidence we can become a leader in the telecommunications industry for margin management, network optimization tools and software applications development.