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the ratio of reflected to incident light

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Depending on the alignment of darker or lighter albedo features, a cusp might appear blunted--or not.
O albedo de superficie e uma das componentes mais importantes do balanco de radiacao, pois exerce um controle na quantidade de energia que e absorvida pela superficie terrestre, atuando no balanco final de radiacao e energia (GOMES, 2009).
2012) estimaram, de forma simples e eficaz, alguns parametros biofisicos da superficie, dentre os quais o albedo da superficie, o Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) e a temperatura da superficie utilizando-se a tecnica de sensoriamento remoto com imagens TM Landsat 5.
The selected normalized magnitudes and geometric albedos of the Moon are listed in Table IV.
Development of chocolate biscuits from incorporation of cassava starch and orange albedo flour
wherein the coefficients are derived functions of reflectivities, albedos and transmissivities, given by the following expressions:
5-20 times, depending on the albedos and thicknesses of ice and snow as well as on their optical properties.
However, new research suggests that in some localities an even greater effect stems from changes in the percentage of light that's reflected from Earth's surface--a parameter called albedo.
Evaluation of the atmospheric effects on albedo and NDVI using satellite images
El albedo de nuestro modelo simplificado no depende de la posicion del sol en el cielo y por lo tanto podemos utilizar ambos albedos indistintamente.
Conor's words included maidan, an Indian term meaning open space, and albedos - a reflective surface.
It has an albedo of 26%, meaning it reflects 26% of the light that hits it, compared to the very dark 3% or 4% albedos of most asteroids.
The trailing hemisphere and poles are icy, so their surfaces have albedos over 60 percent--as reflective as freshly fallen snow.
Most KBOs have much higher albedos, meaning that most of them are considerably smaller than previously estimated.
As a check on the formula's validity, I found an excellent reference source for diameters, absolute magnitudes, and albedos.