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the ratio of reflected to incident light

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At sites where grasses and short, supple shrubs were prevalent, the vegetation was bent to the ground with the weight of the overlying snow, and the albedo was about 85 percent.
Evaluation of the atmospheric effects on albedo and NDVI using satellite images
O albedo, representado pela refletancia da radiacao solar pelo dossel, de areas umidas pode ser particularmente dificil de quantificar devido a variacao temporal e espacial da inundacao (SUMNER et al., 2011).
Table 1 summarizes the MODIS 15-year mean snow and snow-free albedos and emissivity for each land cover type.
The orange fruit is composed of three sections, an external layer (peel), named flavedo, epicarp, or exocarp, a white portion below the exocarp, named albedo or mesocarp, and the innermost portion, the endocarp, that contains vesicles with juice and seeds [5,6].
O albedo de superficie e uma das componentes mais importantes do balanco de radiacao, pois exerce um controle na quantidade de energia que e absorvida pela superficie terrestre, atuando no balanco final de radiacao e energia (GOMES, 2009).
The same procedure in Mallama and Schmude (15) is used in computing the geometric albedos. Magnitudes and color indexes of the Sun are from Livingston (18) and the lunar diameter, 3,474.8 km, is from (19).
ALBEDOS: The reflective power of a surface, especially a celestial body such as the moon.
Depending on the alignment of darker or lighter albedo features, a cusp might appear blunted--or not.
Salt Lake City, UT, August 25, 2014 --( The New Age Music Artist Albedo has just released a new album called Space Probes, which is completely dedicated to robotic spacecraft, on August 25th.