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the ratio of reflected to incident light

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The selected normalized magnitudes and geometric albedos of the Moon are listed in Table IV.
Table IV: Normalized magnitudes and geometric albedos of the Moon.
Lane AP, Irvine WM: Monochromatic phase curve and albedos for the lunar disk.
This "ice albedo effect" is one of the great unknowns in climate physics, as researchers struggle to understand what causes the ice surface to change its reflectivity (SN: 11/12/05, p.
Each one alters the albedo of the ice cap, and even small changes in albedo can have a big impact on how ice survives the melt season.
5-20 times, depending on the albedos and thicknesses of ice and snow as well as on their optical properties.
Dependence of snow albedos on solar elevation and cloudiness at the south pole.
In few cases when the albedo for apparently clean snow occurred lower than usually, it was assumed that there was a grey absorber such as soot in the snow (Warren 1982; Grenfell et al.
However, new research suggests that in some localities an even greater effect stems from changes in the percentage of light that's reflected from Earth's surface--a parameter called albedo.
As the darker materials absorb more solar radiation than lighter ones do, they increase local warming, so these changes in albedo tend to be self-amplifying.
2% of Saturn's disc; furthermore, Saturn's albedo is 0.
Albedo is a New Age music artist who also writes in the Classical, Soundtrack and Dance genres.