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the ratio of reflected to incident light

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MOD10A1 images on daily basis for the snow block year of 2012-2013 (October 2012-May 2013) were downloaded and the albedo and fractional snow cover layer of MOD10A1 were used to obtain the SWE and snow covered area (SCA) percentage, respectively.
The geometry of the melt water patterns determines both sea ice albedo and the amount of light that penetrates the ice, which significantly impacts the ecology of the upper ocean.
The team behind the innovative new safety spray Albedo 100 claim their product will make construction sites and roadside works safer in the dark.
Albedo is a measure of light reflectivity which is highest in the frozen areas of the world, and clean snow with high levels of albedo reflects more of the sun's energy than it absorbs.
The plants that are on the roof increases the albedo and decrease the urban heat island effect.
Albedo is a ratio expressed on a scale from zero to one that describes how much solar radiation any given surface reflects: a surface with an albedo of "zero" would be impossibly dark, taking in 100 percent of the sun's energies, where a surface with an albedo of "one" would be completely reflective.
We estimated the distributed results of the monthly albedo from 1961 to 2000 using the data from NOAA/AVHRR satellite channels 1 and 2 from 1961 to 2000 and the estimation formula for the surface albedo.
In the sculpture Albedo 0,60, 2017, viewers found a round vessel filled with a black liquid and a milky substance floating in the middle of it.
According to the ( European Space Agency , it took an eclipse of the planet to measure its brightness - scientists fired up the Hubble Space Telescope and waited for WASP-12b to pass behind its star, then measured how much light it reflected back into space, a quality known as its albedo.
Salt Lake City, UT, September 07, 2017 --( Two songs by the New Age Music Artist Albedo have just been nominated for Best Instrumental Song by the 4th annual Utah Music Awards.
Asphalt concrete, the most common material used for pavement, is dark and has a low albedo (a measure of solar reflectance).
found that the albedo of pavement surface had a momentous impact on the surface temperature.
The orange fruit is composed of three sections, an external layer (peel), named flavedo, epicarp, or exocarp, a white portion below the exocarp, named albedo or mesocarp, and the innermost portion, the endocarp, that contains vesicles with juice and seeds [5,6].