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the ratio of reflected to incident light

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Else, the use of pavement materials also contribute to the reduction of air temperature and surface temperature through the physical characteristics of the pavement materials such as color, surface texture and material because it affects the albedo.
Unger says the combined effects of reduced BVOC emissions and increased albedo may have entirely offset the warming caused by the loss of forest-based carbon storage capacity.
Schmidt and co-workers (24) report the albedo of the South Polar Cap is the main parameter controlling its recession rate.
Based on the albedo ratio, the more radiation given off the more light is reflected.
An example involves the albedo (reflectivity) effect of Arctic Ocean ice.
These representations of the albedo features recall some of the more detailed studies previously made at Pic du Midi Observatory.
The albedo was measured with the M-80m universal pyranometer and a digital millivoltmeter.
Asphalt-to-concrete conversions will continue to grow in parking lot specifications as owners measure lighting costs and high albedo ratings, and acknowledge concrete pavements' safety and economy.
There are lots of factors that influence global temperatures: particulates, water vapor, changes in albedo and so on.
Peter Wadhams, Professor of Ocean Physics at Cambridge University, warned of major impacts caused by loss of albedo - the amount of the Sun's energy reflected back into space - and the release of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, from the ocean floor.
After the intense struggle by Governor Sindh Dr Ishrat-ul-Ebad, Human Rights activist Ansar Burney and Real state Tycoon Malik Riaz, seven Pakistani crew members of MV Albedo were freed by Somali pirates on Wednesday.
The last she saw Captain Jawaid was at Jebel Ali port days before his cargo ship MV Albedo was hijacked by Somali pirates near the Gulf of Aden on November 26, 2010.
Failing to account for effects from surface features such as sastrugi can throw off estimates of albedo changes and may affect studies of climate, the researchers say.
KARACHI, September 29, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Somali pirates are demanding $8 million for the release of the MV Albedo which was hijacked ten months ago, it was reported Wednesday.
Painting these surfaces white would increase their albedo, or the percentage of sunlight they reflect.