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Synonyms for albatross

an albatross around your neck

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Synonyms for albatross

(figurative) something that hinders or handicaps

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"Albatross," the film that inspired the two-day event, depicts the grisly deaths countless albatrosses suffer after consuming plastics in the ocean.
Washington DC, [USA] June 18 ( ANI ): According to a recent study, sudden change in sea surface temperature affects the survival of black-browed albatross of Kerguelen Island.
Scientists in the Hawaiian islands found more than 97% of dead Laysan albatross chicks - and more than 89% of dead adult birds - had plastic in their stomachs.
Scientists in the Hawaiian islands found more than 97% of dead Laysan albatross chicks -- and more than 89% of dead adult birds -- had plastic in their stomachs.
The Royal Albatross is the Pirates of the Caribbean-inspired yacht that offers sunset cruises around Sentosa.
"There is always the risk of self-indulgence in novels driven by their own audacious central conceit, but luckily Matt Haig has a real feeling for what it is to be an outsider, and makes you entirely believe in the weariness of the centuries-old'albas' (albatrosses) secretly living among the rest of us giddily short-lived 'mays' (mayflies).
Martin Lawlor, chief executive of Port of Blyth, said: "Receiving the Albatross and the GMS Evolution is another milestone achieved in an exciting few months for the Port of Blyth.
Keywords: Coleridge's The Rime of the Ancient Mariner; Albatross and its Killing
"There are very few sites where we can look at long term studies and see if the albatross diet is changing over time, how it's changing, and whether this is something that we need to be worried about."
An England junior squad golfer, Belsham holed out from 166 yards in a regional open tournament to become the youngest player in the 93-year history of the club to sign for an albatross - three under par - at the par-five second hole.
She begins by explaining that the metaphor of an albatross around one's neck comes from a Coleridge poem in which the albatross performs a benevolent deed and is made a burden only to a person that then killed it.
The Light-mantled Albatross has a circumpolar distribution in the Southern Ocean, mostly south of the Subantarctic Convergence between 40[degrees] and 60[degrees] S (Carboneras, 1992; Brooke, 2004).
?IN a year stacked with awards and honours there was still room for one more gong for Frankie Dettori as he was named Albatross of the Year at the inaugural Albatross Club Christmas lunch last week.
To the Editor: A recent article described the isolation and subsequent analysis of a tickborne phlebovirus: Hunter Island Group virus (HIGV), associated with an albatross disease event that occurred in 2002 on Albatross Island, 6 kilometers off the northwest coast of Tasmania, Australia (1).