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Synonyms for albacore

relatively small tuna with choice white flesh

large pelagic tuna the source of most canned tuna

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The Unagi Sashimi Boat came with albacore tuna, Atlantic salmon, hokkigai, California roll, dynamite roll, assorted tempura and a mini-unagi don.
The issue is that albacore tuna (the second-most commonly eaten type, after skipjack) is a very large fish, and spends a lot of time in mercury-laden waters.
* 500-1,000 mg: Other salmon, canned sardines, canned tuna (white albacore), swordfish, farmed rainbow trout, oysters, mussels.
Offshore fish like the false albacore become very plentiful during the hottest months in South Florida.
In 1942, Ian Fraser was in 830 Naval Air Squadron, flying Albacore torpedo bombers, based on the besieged island of Malta.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced it is removing two stocks -- the gag grouper of the Gulf of Mexico and the North Atlantic albacore -- from its ''overfished'' list.
Presentations on fishing for halibut, salmon and albacore tuna as well as trade-show vendors will be featured during the Saltwater Sportsmen's Show on Saturday and Sunday at the Oregon State Fairgrounds in Salem.
Next up was the Albacore Nicoise Salad with pepper-crusted BC albacore loin, winter greens, fingerling potatoes, green beans, pickled shiitake, soft-poached quail eggs, and Wafu emulsion.
A torpedo-shaped creature that looks as if it's been dipped in liquid silver, shooting through the water at up to 25 miles an hour, albacore tuna is an unexpectedly beautiful fish.
The trio enjoyed some of Chef Alfredo Alvarez's signature dishes, such as branzino deboned at the table, octopus prepared la plancha, Kumamoto oysters and fresh albacore white tuna salad, People Magazine reported.
A number of albacore tuna, long-line caught from the Indian Ocean and the North Atlantic as well as pelagic trawl caught from the North Atlantic have all slipped from a 5 to a 4.
Four out of five samples (80%) of bluefin tuna were revealed to be other species of tuna: albacore or bigeye, both of lesser commercial value.
However, some seafood, such as swordfish and albacore tuna, contain high levels of mercury that could harm a developing fetus or interfere with a young child's nervous system.
The Coos Bay, Ore.-based producer of canned Sea Fare Pacific wild-caught albacore tuna and sockeye salmon now offers 9-ounce shelf-stable pouches of West Coast Ciopinno, Smoked Salmon Chowder and Seafood Bisque soups; and three albacore curries: red, yellow and green.
Navy commissioned a new kind of submarine, the UUSS Albacore. Its hull was shaped like a tear drop and made of a new high-strength steel, HY-80.