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a white linen liturgical vestment with sleeves

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Division IIA: Challenge v Gomersal, Churwell Lions v Howden Cl, Gildersome v Yorkshire LIons, Netherton v Woodkirk valley, Ossett Alb v Dodworth.
We targeted a SNP, rs962004, within the ALB coding region.
The ALB can be unknowingly spread by the movement of infested firewood.
An ALB infestation tends to be a slow, quiet burn, with multiple generations often feeding on the same tree or those very nearby.
Halbrook, New York's Not So "SAFE" Act: The Second Amendment in an Alice-in-Wonderland World Where Words Have No Meaning, 78 ALB.
President and CEO of Bessor said, "In AMRI's work to date, ALB 109564(a) has shown significant promise as a next generation tubulin inhibitor for the treatment of cancer.
Cd in serum is bound not only to the LMW protein metallothionein, but also to Alb (Nordberg 1984).
In white, the alb is the full length garment worn by the priest as he or she is officiating and no expense was spared in their making.
The alb is basically the white garment received at Baptism that signifies a person has been made a new creation in Christ.
Detection remains one of the most challenging aspects of ALB eradication, since the beetle spends most of its life cycle hidden deep inside trees.
Furthermore, on August 30, the ALB will organize a draw for those who have purchased a car from Al-Khayyat Motors through utilizing the "Your Car" offer.
The ceremony imitated Catholic ritual, with Hawkes in a Roman collar and alb and the "marrying" parties attending a "Eucharist," after first going to "Confession".
Residents of Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio, New Jersey and New York know all too well the devastation wrought by the ALB.
Penalties-Mueller Wor (hooking), 7:21; Boucher Alb (tripping), 8:46; Tierney Wor (tripping), 10:10; Doherty Wor (hooking), 12:37; Keenan Alb (delay of game), 15:13.