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a white linen liturgical vestment with sleeves

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Oliver and Aijun Zhang of the ARS Insect Chemical Ecology Laboratory in Beltsville, Maryland, isolated, identified, and synthesized two compounds from quarantined ALB as potential lures.
Invoices are manually submitted to ALB for automatic validation where mathematical errors, incorrect timekeeper rates, and duplicate line entries are detected and corrected.
Third, many other factors affect Fib/ Alb ratios, such as acute undetected infections and hematological diseases, which affect the accuracy of prognostic predictions based on this ratio.
Only by experiments with ozone, samples were analyzed immediately (since ozone alone reacts with ALB in solution).
Lucas, Labor Law Article 6: A Misunderstood Law that Fully Protects All Employees' Wages, 80 ALB. L.
The adsorbed amounts and Kobs were compared between Ti and Zr[O.sub.2] sensors for each protein and between Fn and Alb for each sensor.
08###Candida alb.###3500###00###18###Gram +ve streptococci###3000###00
The ALB then brought the catamaran back to a mooring in Moelfre.
Our aim was to study the association between low-level urinary excretion of Cd and two urinary proteins (U- Alb and U-A1M) within individuals to assess whether associations reported between urinary excretion of Cd and proteins used as biomarkers of impaired kidney function may in fact be due to temporary effects of physiological factors such as a change in urinary flow rate on the biomarkers, rather than long-term toxic effects of Cd on kidney function.
ALB: First of all thank you so much for agreeing to do this.
Asian Legal Business (ALB), a Thomson Reuters company, is re-launching 'The Brief', a monthly magazine and website designed for Middle East legal professionals, today.
The Barmouth all-weather lifeboat (ALB) went to the aid of the 25ft vessel Lady Carole which broke down in Cardigan Bay, off the Barmouth coast on Thursday morning.
("ALB") do not reflect the concerns of contemporary real estate practice.
The azalea lace bug (ALB), Stephanitis pyrioides (Scott) (Heteroptera: Tingidae), is one of the most serious pests of azaleas (Rhodendron x spp.) in landscapes and production nurseries (Klingeman et al.