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having or resembling wings

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Alary is a member of Guildwood Community in Scarborough, Ont., where her husband, Rev.
For instance, in the province of Quebec, 106 of the 755 reported cases (14%) in 1993 came from the Nunavik area (Inuit people); whereas, this area accounts for only 0.1% of the Quebec population (Parent & Alary, 1995).
As a result of this program, the proportion of PPNG among all gonococcal strains in Quebec has decreased from 10% in 1991 and 1992 to 5.6% and 4.7% in 1994 and 1995 respectively (Parent & Alary, 1996).
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Laura Alary is a post-graduate student at the Toronto School of Theology.
Haggas had talked of a possible crack at the Prix Saint Alary with Give And Take after the Musidora but there has been a change of heart.
He said: "Her owner Nicholas Jones is an English ownerbreeder and when you breed these horses you don't dream of winning the Prix Saint Alary, you dream of winning the Oaks.
Elsewhere on the card Dominque Boeuf, the former French champion, reigned supreme, landing Group One Prix Saint Alary on Nadia and the Group Two Prix Vicomtesse Vigier on Speedmaster, trained by the versatile Francois Doumen.