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Synonyms for alarmist

Synonyms for alarmist

one who needlessly alarms others


Words related to alarmist

a person who alarms others needlessly

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In October of 1999, North replaced his original website message with a slightly less alarmist posting.
The sort of worst-case global warming scenarios beloved by greenhouse alarmists are exceptionally implausible.
A TOP Bush adviser yesterday accused the UK Government's chief scientist of being alarmist and ignorant about climate change.
ALARMIST predictions that the housing market in Coventry and Warwickshire is on the brink of collapse are misleading, says a property expert.
director of the World Wildlife Fund for more than a decade and is now the chief biodiversity adviser to the World Bank; he's been a biodiversity alarmist for a long time, At a 1979 symposium at Brigham Young University, he announced that he had made "an estimate of extinctions that will take place between now and the end of the century.
He'd advise keeping an eye on the wandering transgenes but says, "I'm not an alarmist about this.
These racist and alarmist stories are in sync with the message from Washington.
The Fed's proscribed program for future rate increases is viewed as reasonable, not alarmist.
In case you haven't yet reached your limit on alarmist information, tonight's "Nova" report, "Dimming the Sun," should help you surpass it quite handily.
This manifesto for a "conservative" environmentalism by Manhattan Institute senior fellow Peter Huber is being promoted as an answer to Albert Gore's 1992 alarmist tract, Earth in the Balance.
News organizations should not acknowledge cornucopian theories, the Ehrlichs argue: Though political and social reporting should contain the views of all sides, journalists should "recognize the limits to reasonable debate in the physical and medical sciences" by ignoring any views that are not alarmist.
Among other things, it is the cause (directly or indirectly) of terrorism, war, and conflict worldwide, the alarmist choir claims.
He said he was puzzled by the initial negative reaction to the Chinese bid to buy up Unocal (the California-based oil company), by all the fuss over Chinese imports and by all the alarmist attention in Washington to the (undervalued) Chinese currency.