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Synonyms for alarmist

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Synonyms for alarmist

one who needlessly alarms others


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Words related to alarmist

a person who alarms others needlessly

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Benedick's apocalyptic testimony suggests an alarmist agenda for the NIE.
The Economist, the very influential British journal, is one of the most notable examples of an establishment alarmist organ admitting the hiatus, while still stubbornly clinging to the AGW thesis and trying desperately to account for the "puzzling" lack of predicted warming.
He says the ozone alarmists in the Clinton administration "want to declare victory and make sure that no one second-guesses them."
AGW-caused drought is a frequently cited villain in the war-conflict-terrorism scenarios of the alarmists. However, as we have reported in these pages many times, numerous peer-reviewed studies in leading scientific journals have confirmed that there has been no increasing trend of "extreme weather" events--droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and wildfires --in recent decades.
"Seeking to interfere in that jurisdiction by invoking an alarmist vision of the region will never succeed." New Delhi slammed Pakistan's actions as "alarmist", adding that its move would boost economic development in the Himalayan region.
The inspector we had wanted has a reputation for being detail-oriented, but we did not hire him because our agent said he was an alarmist. Now we're stuck making expensive repairs and hope you might warn other buyers who might make the same mistake we did.
A leader of the House of Representatives warned Saturday the public against the spread of '"alarmist and baseless" reports, especially on Election Day.
"If nothing else, the Earth has already done this experiment many times, because in the geological past C[O.sub.2] levels have been four times, five times, even higher than today, and life flourished all over the Earth and in the oceans too," he said, adding that climate models have predicted drastically more warming than has been observed in the real world and that the alarmist movement was "vicious" in attacking those who disagree.
TYPICAL alarmist exaggeration by Sheila Hall (Journal Letters, December 26) claiming that I must have written 500 letters to The Journal denying 'climate change'.
Treasury Action: yields pulled back from highs after Fed's Powell emphasized "policy gradualism" as the best means to keep the economy on track, without appearing too alarmist on either count.
He also calmed concerns over the move and said that the public should not be too alarmist over the development as Chinese names did not automatically mean that Beijing owned the objects and features.
RUGBY'S governing bodies have rejected calls from academics to remove tackling and the scrum from the schools level of the game, with World Rugby describing the advice as "extreme and alarmist".
Alarmist scares over fracking and climate AGAIN Trefor Davies expresses alarmist views on fracking (letters, April 1).
"The language in this advert was alarmist and misleading and does not help the debate on this complex matter.