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From the man-made global-cooling claims of the 1970s and '80s saying that the Arctic ice cap needed to be melted and that a global government should be set up, to the manmade warming theories of recent decades demanding global government and predicting melting ice caps and warmer winters, reality keeps debunking the alarmism.
Some scientists even began embracing alarmism -- particularly with that United Nations report.
The question that lies beneath the growing burden of the alarmism, fear-mongering and sheer fiction dispensed by this administration is: Will the institutions that mold democracy and hold it together survive?
Irish senator Neale Richmond said repeated warnings against any type of border between Northern Ireland and the Republic were not "alarmism".
He recalls with amazement the Tunisian ambient alarmism about the double deficit, commercial and payment, "which are the subject of a general hysteria" and wonders why not speaking rather of "Tunisia's trade surplus with Europe, which is an indicator of competence and competitiveness" of the Tunisian economy, The "speech of anxiety about sovereign debt, the stranglehold of unemployment and the parallel market, that's the story I hear." And asserts: "It's not true.
For example, the letter implies corrupt and fraudulent intent to "Al Gore and his buddies," claiming they have made millions or billions from climate alarmism.
Compiled by Ole Humlum, professor of physical geography at the University Centre, Svalbard, Norway, this climate survey is in sharp contrast to the habitual alarmism of other reports that mainly are based on computer modeling and climate predictions.
But this isn't really a film about environmental alarmism or the greed of massive corporations.
Such stubbornness is fueled by politicians and pressure groups who find "alarmism" useful, Rauch says, noting that the ensuing panic is "often more disruptive and damaging than whatever provoked it."
Western policy-makers should be careful to avoid the type of alarmism that lent unwarranted credibility in the past to the case for developing renewable sources of energy.
His colleague from Paktika province, Nadir Khan Katawazi, said: "We should exercise caution and avoid alarmism in our discussions.
The study also suggested that genes may also play a crucial role in determining health safety limits and that there is a thin line that separates the accurate information and pointless alarmism leading to inactivity and following heart disease.
This culture of alarmism is weaving its way into nearly every aspect of our daily lives, making parents worry about common everyday products, food and healthy activities.
For Wordsworth's comment, which he makes waiting for news of the current war, while putting his ear to the ground of an earlier war, puts into question the voluntary, sustained, and teleological form of attention demanded by the wartime alarmism that consumed the national imagination during the period's pervasive panic about an imminent French invasion.