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frightening because of an awareness of danger


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Mrs Nubbles ironed away in silence for a minute or two, and coming to the fireplace for another iron, glanced stealthily at Kit while she rubbed it on a board and dusted it with a duster, but said nothing until she had returned to her table again: when, holding the iron at an alarmingly short distance from her cheek, to test its temperature, and looking round with a smile, she observed:
His analysis goes a long way toward explaining why after more than 16 years of education and prevention efforts the rate of HIV infection remains alarmingly high.
In fact, the number of choreographers whose work appears to be unfettered by the structures of tradition is - so far as I can tell - alarmingly small.
In fact, even if such sales account for a small percentage of the estimated $800 million which consumers spent on premium cigars last year, it is an alarmingly profitable business for counterfeiters.
The number of experienced, trained volunteers has diminished alarmingly with the aging of the traditional poll worker corps,'' McCormack wrote.
The club won four successive Premiership titles and two Heineken Cups under his charge but their form has dipped alarmingly this season, culminating in an early European exit last week.
One almost expects the cup to start rattling on its saucer; above one's head, a massive chunk of Roman cornice looms alarmingly, and a photo of a collapsed building in Japan becomes a contemporary vanitas symbol.
Another study by the same group discovered an alarmingly high rate of chlamydia infection among teenagers in Baltimore.
Alarmingly, 71 percent of respondents assert that their agency is not prepared to continue operations in the event of a pandemic flu - only 21 percent of respondents know that their agency has a pandemic flu COOP plan.
the dog chomping into Martin's crotch, the occasional sighting of an alarmingly gaunt Hilary Duff and the inevitable zany resolution of the oldest daughter's (Piper Perabo) pregnancy.
Mr Hain, the Wales Secretary, comes out with his usual ``Plaid Cymru is a separatist party'' rant but, alarmingly, seems unaware that the leader of the Welsh Labour Party, Mr Morgan, is setting up his own party, to be known from now on as Welsh Labour, because he cannot stomach the Westminster branch of the Labour Party, known as New Labour.
The eerily-glowing spaces between these entwined forms take on an alarmingly palpable presence, making it difficult to tell whether hole or flourish is supposed to be the subject of our contemplation.
Asthma's death toll has risen alarmingly in the United States, England, Germany, Ireland, Belgium and particularly Jes Zealand, where researchers have reported "epidemics" of asthma deaths.
Grandpa, alarmingly, is at the wheel, and his psychotic guide dog shares the back seat with Jonathan.
IRELAND has an alarmingly high rate of computer fraud, a technology expert said yesterday.