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frightening because of an awareness of danger


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This is an alarmingly high number, which demonstrates the urgent need to test all drinking water wells in the Indus Plain,' said lead author Joel
According to the environmental organisation, the amount of trapping during the winter months was alarmingly high, even compared with autumn, the main trapping season on the island.
Summary: Madrid - The Spanish popular party (PP-opposition) is alarmingly mistaken in its approach towards Morocco and the Sahara issue, said Luis Maria Anson, member of the Spanish Royal Academy, noting that the party has overstepped the boundaries of political common sense.
Paul Kenny, GMB General Secretary, said: "There is an alarmingly high and dangerous level of dirty streets and pavements in far too many places.
But GMB general secretary Paul Kenny told the union's annual conference in Southport: "There is an alarmingly high and dangerous level of dirty streets in far too many of the 345 councils.
Chief executive Bertie Armstrong said: "For an alarmingly wide proportion of the industry just now, survival is the key issue.
Time Is Running Out according boasts one of those annoyingly addictive 'na-na na-nah' choruses, 1984, Nanny Nation sounds alarmingly like The Glitter Band, and Start The Rupt rips off Iggy Pop.
Cutting-edge DNA analysis is being used to explain why alarmingly high numbers of salmon are dying at sea.
Now, alarmingly, it appears you may have to lose a limb.
THE levelling of the pound to the euro makes it alarmingly obvious the powers to be are ready to switch our currency.
It's up alarmingly and we have been tracking it very closely," Bratton said.
More alarmingly, international stockmarkets have not offered any diversification either: they have shown a 95 percent correlation.
Alarmingly, there may be no sector of society where technology has had less impact.
If passed as currently adopted, any product made or sold with particleboard, MDF or hardwood plywood that contains formaldehyde resin would be required to meet alarmingly stringent emission standards.
In many African countries and in small sub populations in developed countries, the rates of infection are alarmingly high.