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a device that signals the occurrence of some undesirable event

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Wayne Alarm Systems said acquiring Lexington Alarm Systems will complement the company culture, and the combined customer base will give both companies an expanded service area.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 11, 2018-Wayne Alarm Systems, Lexington Alarm Systems Merge to Broaden Security Services
DOUGLAS ROWAND is a home security expert who installs alarm systems for domestic and commercial use.
Major General Rashid Thani Al Matroushi, Director of Dubai Civil Defence, said the direct alarm system has already been installed in 220 establishments and the teams are inspecting other establishments to check their preparedness to be connected to the system.
The new alarm system will be programmed to automatically send regular notifications to the security office at the branch, providing system status information.
The intruder alarm system (which concentrates on doors and windows) for the new terminal also uses UGM-2020 central units and supplies information for Elis.
HIGH-PRESSURE salesmen are targeting people in Coventry to sell expensive burglar alarm systems.
Over the decade since the alarm system was installed, it's been credited with capturing inmates at the jail complex - sometimes before a would-be escapee has even left the grounds.
The team did background research to learn how they could make an alarm system that would alert everyone efficiently and accurately.
With so many things to consider, it's best to research all options before selecting an electronic alarm system.
Corporate management installed upgraded alarms in all the restaurants and instituted a new preventive procedure - if telephone lines were cut at a location, a guard would be posted inside until the lines were repaired and the alarm system restored.
Cells have a sophisticated alarm system to alert the human body to viral infections.
Homeowners have the option of purchasing an in-house alarm system, a monitored alarm system or a combination of the two.
The brainchild of longtime Psych Tech and CAPT Napa Chapter Secretary Mike Jarschke -- who also is a patent-holding inventor by trade -- the new lanyard includes additional features allowing wearers to feel much more confident about wearing their alarm sensors around their necks: a concern that was raised as the forensic facility rolled out its brand-new wireless alarm system.
Contract notice: fire alarm system / voice alarm system; renovation heinrich-lades-halle ba 4.