startle reaction

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a complicated involuntary reaction to a sudden unexpected stimulus (especially a loud noise)

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Significant differences were observed in time and dosage for loss of alarm reaction (increased during the study in the low dosage group).
Susan asked if this meant that she had to talk about the abuse in order to get over these alarm reactions. The group leader clarified that this was not the case, and that during the group sessions, the leaders would teach skills to help them decide when they were ready and if they needed to talk about past traumas.
An understanding of the physiological changes that occur in response to alarm reaction and resistance enables critical care nurses to assess the SSR and to proactively intercept pathophysiological responses that may ensue.
Under severe levels of stress, your body may react with a startle response, and Body Alarm Reaction (BAR) will take over.
The alarm reaction in hypoxemia, due to secondary factors such as cold, caused tachycardia and tachypnea.
The measures (averages of 1-4 items) included perceived load of working session (mental demands, physical demands, time pressure); perceived difficulty of task element (primary task, prospective memory, alarm reaction time); strategies to maintain overall performance (increasing effort, prioritizing primary task, cutting corners); and quality of interface.