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the sound of an alarm (usually a bell)

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Mr Attard said: "The fact that this is a high-security prison must be ringing alarm bells at the most senior level.
I SEE that Theresa May, the Home Secretary, rang the alarm bell when she saw the immigrant iceberg dead ahead.
Punjab government has issued special directives for installation of wireless chargeable alarm bells in all the schools, colleges, universities, churches, minorities places of worship and main shopping centers in Rawalpindi to ward off terror threats.
Alarm bells should certainly ring and what I want to know is have those alarm bells been ringing, have these applications been properly interrogated?
ALARM bells rang when I heard Leona Lewis was pushing back the release of third album Glassheart until next year.
Borofromtheashes ALARM bells have been ringing since Eindhoven and the McClaren departure.
There should have been alarm bells ringing," he said.
That quickly set alarm bells ringing with League officials who immediately docked him 30 points start, leaving him off minus 20, following an investigation which revealed Quinlan had previously played at a high level in the Manchester area.
When a club has such massive boardroom problems - as Newcastle clearly do - it is inevitable that the strife will seep down to the players and their recent results should have alarm bells ringing out of control on the Tyne.
RYAN GIGGS confirmed there are no alarm bells at Old Trafford after Manchester United's shock loss to Bolton.
The engine of the Morris Minor blew up under that competition The alarm bells rang out and the queues formed at the bank of people anxious for their hard earned.
London -- The following list of recent 2006 events ought to raise alarm bells.
At his auto dealership in Powell, Tennessee, Greg "Lumpy" Lambert had alarm bells ringing in his head on November 11 after a 19-year-old customer test drove a 2005 Ford Focus and then offered to buy the car for cash" without any haggling or even a mechanical inspection," reported the Knoxville News Sentinel.
TUC general secretary Brendan Barber said: "This poll should ring alarm bells in Government.
It seemed incredible, but as a brilliant keynote speaker Saskia Sassen reminded us, it is only 20 years since various sages were predicting the end of cities, not the extraordinary growth which the Biennale both celebrates and sounds alarm bells over.