alarm bell

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the sound of an alarm (usually a bell)

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The fact they're concerned about the catastrophic impact by a large comet or asteroid in the future should be an alarm bell to anyone who thinks this stuff is science fiction.
SWINDON has only received 41 entries for its annual Produce Stakes, which has set alarm bell rings ringing.
Here is another reason, another alarm bell for regulators that should spur action; it's our babies who are suffering,'' said Nidia Bautista of the Coalition for Clean Air, which has pushed for tougher pollution limits on diesel equipment at ports and programs to clean up trucks and train.
It was just one example of many, but it triggered an alarm bell which he wants to keep ringing.
In the days ahead, I hope every American will find an occasion to thank those in their communities who stand ready every day to put their lives on the line when the alarm bell rings.
Ziskin summarized, "These divergences are ringing a number of alarm bells, with the 'exhaustion top' being the final icing on the cake.
ALARM bells should be ringing at the increasingly reckless scale of mortgage lending.
This should ring alarm bells about the future of cities and neighborhoods - and the fate of Californians - if residents abandon their homes after the Big One.
THE alarm bells were ringing loud and clear for Cullybackey as early as the 24th minute when Andy Simms' pinpoint cross was finished in style by Lawrence Bell.
Instead, it was circulated to the country's top politicians and set alarm bells ringing.
Alarm bells are ringing for us already, though, as the star seems to be begging people to like it.
Private economists, however, said the earnings increase, the biggest since the government began the series in 1965, would raise alarm bells at the Fed.
However, the delay in the passage from the Senate rung alarm bells that next general elections might get delayed.
ALARM bells ring when the former head of the civil service quits as chair of an NHS Trust because the Conservative Party is financially strangling our most precious public service.
A DISTURBANCE at a maximum security prison should be "ringing alarm bells at the most senior level", the Prison Governors Association (PGA) has said.