alarm bell

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the sound of an alarm (usually a bell)

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In the days ahead, I hope every American will find an occasion to thank those in their communities who stand ready every day to put their lives on the line when the alarm bell rings.
WE'RE bottom of the league and alarm bells do not appear to have been sounded within the walls of St James' Park.
Alarm bells rang across world markets on Monday as a 9 percent dive in Chinese shares and a sharp drop in the dollar and major commodities panicked investors.
But RAC chief engineer David Bizley said the fuel duty freeze "sounds alarm bells for next year as by not extending the freeze further it potentially signals the country's first increase in duty since 2011".
RAWALPINDI -- Orders have been issued for installation of wireless chargeable alarm bells in all educational institutions, minorities places of worship and main shopping centers in Rawalpindi.
The alarm bells should, however, be ringing loud throughout the industry.
That was Thistle's fifth straight defeat and set alarm bells ringing for Archibald but they bounced back with victory at Dundee United last time out.
Summary: Alarm bells in world capitals have been ringing loudly this week in the wake of the dramatic developments in Iraq, where Al-Qaeda-inspired militants have seized large swathes of territory from the central government in a surprise offensive.
As soon as the alarm bells started to ring I knew I needed to fix things.
Alarm bells began ringing when she jumped into the Loxdale Sidings Canal at Bilston yesterday and couldn't get out.
When Vladimir Romanov, the Lithuanian Lurgy, waltzed into Gorgie and mouthed off about winning the Champions League, alarm bells should have been ringing at Hearts.
Alarm bells should certainly ring and what I want to know is have those alarm bells been ringing, have these applications been properly interrogated?
ALARM bells rang when I heard Leona Lewis was pushing back the release of third album Glassheart until next year.
However, this does not yet suggest any strengthening in the economic activity and should not ring the alarm bells for the Central Bank to tighten monetary policy anytime soon.
There should have been alarm bells ringing," he said.