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quick and eager

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Contrary to the song "Don't Worry Be Happy," emitted by a flapping fish figurine--egregiously bridged to a shot of Anwar asleep--the ever-frailer squad leader becomes troubled by his role in both the events of 1965-66 and their alacritous re-creation in Oppenheimer's film.
Ironically, the same crowd wanted him to be firm and alacritous to do whatever needed to halt Iran's nuclear ambition.
That is, for the Arab reader of the novel during the 1970s, Habiby's alacritous critique in this chapter of Western Orientalism functions as a certain kind of knowingness--as yet another inside joke to be shared within the whole dias-poric Palestinian community.
30) of this perennially enchanting Mozart masterwork, but company debutant Bernard Labadie, leading an alert, alacritous performance and abetted by a fine cast, made what virtue he could out of the sad necessity of watching yet another outing of this soulless puppet pageant.
We thought it simply further evidence of the importance the government attaches to alacritous Internet filtering and noted as much when discussing the report.